Given FBI is probing Trump-Russia contacts, maybe we should pause all administration action until we figure out what the hell's going on?
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Every insane thing Donald Trump has said about global warming via @MotherJones
2. I'll be attending the dinner to celebrate First Amendment freedoms.
1. White House says WH staff will not be attending this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner out of “solidarity” with Trump.
The uranium story was debunked. It earned 4 Pinocchios. Someone should teach the president to use Google.
Spicer: everyone agrees no coordination betw. Trump camp & Russia. So why is FBI & intel comms investigating? Shouldn't Trump fire Comey?
No one asked @PressSec to defend Trump's tweet that the Russia story is a "hoax."
.@PressSec blows his top: "YOU got Russia....If the president puts Russian dressing on his salad tonight, that's a Russian connection."
Does Trump still believe climate change is a hoax? @PressSec doesn't give a straight answer.
.@PressSec : Nunes' decision to call off Yates/Brennan/Clapper hearing had nothing to do with the WH. Ok. But this still looks bad for Nunes
Asked how Nunes got into the WH compound to review classified evidence, @PressSec spins a word salad & doesn't answer the question.
How many scandals can a committee investigating a scandal cause?
What's Trump's secret plan to stop this?
Just passed a ton of cop cars, with the police arresting a man in the middle of Penn. Ave by the East Wing. His car was being searched.
Wow. So is this why Nunes cancelled hearing? To help WH shut up Sally Yates?
Speculative but very interesting.
Trump Just Released His Plan to Gut Obama’s Climate Policies. It’s Worse Than You Thought. via @motherjones
Another question for @PressSec:
Who cleared Nunes for entry to the White House compound?
Questions for @PressSec today:
1. Are FBI/intel comms. investigating a hoax?
2. Does Trump have evidence re debunked Clinton-uranium claim
Simple question for @DevinNunes: who arranged for you to enter the White House compound?
Who left Trump alone tonight?
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