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About to come on ⁦@amjoyshow⁩
I’ll be on @amjoyshow in a short time
I’ll be at the Takoma Park Book Fair this afternoon.
Yesterday's SCOOP from me and @dfriedman33: Did Michael Flynn try to strike a grand bargain with Moscow as it attacked the 2016 election? A key question the public has a right to know the answer. https://t.co/GrmiN3nxdr via @MotherJones
EXCLUSIVE: Russian agent Maria Butina claimed she had a "signed cooperation agreement" with the NRA https://t.co/nCjIGtNP5a via @MotherJones
The death penalty may be on the decline, but it’s still really racist. https://t.co/DLwA0sV7DE via @MotherJones
What one Sandy Hook parents wants Congress to do next year https://t.co/kB44amKo57 via @MotherJones
Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.
I’ll be on @allinwithchris in minutes.
His kids re the Trump Foundation?
His family for widespread tax evasion and fraud?
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