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Jamal Khashoggi's death highlights ties between a Connecticut college and Saudi security https://t.co/ZksKIkyrFw
Dept. of Justice says the Russian attack on US elections started in 2016 has continued "to this day" & the 2018 midterms. Much of it favors Trump/GOP. What's being done about this? why won't Trump loudly denounce this Putin operation? Read the below. https://t.co/3wzVXrPsTd
I'll be on @TheLastWord with @Lawrence in minutes.
Hey, everyone. This is important. In a Friday news dump, the Justice Department just issued a document saying Putin's information war on America "continues to this day" and is targeting the 2018 midterms. Please read and pass on.
Justice Dept. indicted a Russian accountant for her role in Moscow's "conspiracy to interfere in the U.S. political system, including the 2018 midterm election." Note the reference to the current election and, below, this "continues to this day"!
Trump encourages violence and criminal acts. Does any Republican object? (@BenSasse, I'm looking at you.)
How a disgraced Republican fundraiser is exposing Qatar’s shadowy lobbying offensive https://t.co/enw4IAIL4r via @MotherJones
Brian Kemp's voter suppression efforts could elect him governor https://t.co/Dl2BkVxWdi via @MotherJones
This is so freckin' beautiful and haunting.
.@JamilSmith used my recent essay on the importance of the midterms:


For his fine essay in Rolling Stone:

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