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Something's happening here: Fox News calls a GOP candidate a liar. https://t.co/Wfse5VUTTV
.@Bencjacobs = impact journalism.
(Hope he's feeling okay.)
FIGHTING for every last vote. Hah!
FIGHTING for every last vote. Hah!
Obstruction of justice.
Lying during security probes.
Leaking classified information
Is the GOP still the law & order party?
We need a ban on all GOP congressional candidates until we can figure out what the hell is going on.
Uh, lock him up?
Buddy Cianci once threatened me...by offering me a job.
Happy birthday Bob Dylan. One of my favorites: https://t.co/jQwHB1XbIa
In other words, if you have pre-existing conditions, the GOP bill could really screw you. Thanks, Trump voters!
Obama should have confronted Russians on hacking, Democratic House intel leader says https://t.co/Hr671hOJqc via @YahooNews
Pope: God commands us to serve the poor
Trump: Have you seen the Electoral College map?
Pope: And to preserve the Earth
Trump: Red means...
It's not everyone. It's rightwing wackos and Fox News playing to your tea party base.
Remember: many people outraged when a POTUS had consensual-though improper-sex in the WH put into the WH a guy who boasted of sexual assault
How long before @seanhannity starts talking about how he's not talking about the Seth Rich tragedy?
@mkraju And quite normal for presidential candidates to deny IC assessments ew foreign adversaries attacking the US & to encourage foes to hack US.
Gowdy taking over Oversight Committee. Today he looked foolish trying to protect Trump https://t.co/jUoKpBEmYc https://t.co/vNArOktUUu
GOPers pushed Brennan to say no evidence of collusion. In response, he bolstered justification for FBI probe. Oops.
At Trump-Russia hearing with John Brennan, Republicans focus mostly on protecting Trump. https://t.co/vNArOktUUu
Republicans seem only interested in protecting Trump at this hearing on Russia attacking 2016 campaign.
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