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Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.
White House and Trump need to say if they covered up @omarosa's alleged unethical acts.
I'm speaking tonight at the Truro Meeting Hall. And they just rang the Revere bell for the event.
Some of us--that is, @H_Lev and me--reported on this case *during* the 2016 election. Wish Trump's mob connections had gotten more MSM attention then. Didn't understand then why this whole subject was under-covered.
If Omarosa and other WH staffers could waltz into the SitRoom with their personal phones, this might well be a far bigger security breach than Clinton's private server.https://t.co/1vuyeCj0w6
Dignifying the office yet again.
A reminder that @realDonaldTrump once said he thought @OMAROSA was a liar--and that he still hired her for a senior White House position.
If you're near Truro, Massachusetts, tonight, come on by.
Hard to say no to that.
Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns.
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