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Mission: Live Like Jesus & Then Lead People to Jesus. The Best is Yet to Come!

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Proud of the work being done by these great organizations! @MBofPortland @MBofBeaverton @lithiamotors. March 2nd is gonna be big!
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Let’s bring @MLB to Portland!

Sign Below if you’re trying to watch some ball!

Let’s get 25,000 more signatures this week!
Happy Birthday homie! Gettin’ even better with age!
So excited that Me and @ciara's @WhyNotYouFDN is partnering with @KCLS, @jpmorgan @Chase on the DREAM BIG: Anything is Possible campaign!
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Early mornings. Late nights. Time is irrelevant.
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#BVD “This is my command: Love each other.”
John 15:17 NIV
20 mins into it... what an amazing time today! Truly a blessing seeing God’s creatures dance. #Valentines ❤️@Ciara
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@TDLockett12 I’ve already been to ur new crib 😳..... I’m just tryin’ to keep up with u... #MrMoneyBags 💰💰💰

P.s. ur my Valentine Aug-Feb #KeepGettinOpen🏈😂🤣

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When I’m over here tryin’ to make baby number 3 & baby number 2 stoppin’ it! 😂🤣❤️ @Ciara
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I love loving you.

P.s... those legs tho... 👌🏽
Dang u fine.
At 26 years old I won't allow 1 play or 1 moment define my career.

I will keep evolving.

She said Yes!!!

Since Day 1 I knew you were the one. No Greater feeling... #TrueLove @Ciara
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The smile you make when you turn 3!
I Love You!
Happy Birthday!

Love, Papa Russ.
Thank You God for the opportunity. We'll be back... I will never waiver on who He has called me to be...

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