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Special Counsel has issued a statement disputing Buzzfeed report- a sober reminder of how much we have yet to learn. All who care about the Constitution should let facts dictate conclusions. And remember there will be political as well as legal judgement for this Administration.
There is a push by some to say that "both sides" are to blame for the shutdown. I would agree. Both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House and the GOP leaders of the Senate. It's pretty clear that's how the majority of Americans see it.
I've seen many Congressional trips to war zones, members of both parties. If our women and men in uniform are at war, our civilian leadership must be able to go hear what's going on. Hopefully not only talking to the generals, but privates and sargeants.
I have a sense the nervousness around what Mueller knows extends to many Trumps, not just the President.
I will be flying today, thinking of how many people work so hard to make commercial flight a remarkably safe enterprise. And how many of those people are being asked to now work without pay. It is a disgrace and it's putting the system at unnecessary risk.
If true, the Buzzfeed story is a political earthquake. Caution: we really know little; Mueller knows much. Time to be steady, let facts lead us to truth. But at almost every turn in this national nightmare, implausible has become plausable. The walls do appear to be closing in.
Let's remember that probably all it would take to end this madness is for Mitch McConnell to say, "ok, let's vote."
"The soul of our nation is at stake in the way we talk about and treat people." Thoughts from people of faith about the rhetoric around the border. Words worth reading and pondering... https://t.co/SmKRpZwfQ9
To those who lecture about "family values" and explicitly or tacitly condone removing THOUSANDS of children from their parents... One child would be a tragedy. This is a national shame and disgrace that I believe will be likened at least somewhat to Japanese-American Internment.
Gene editing tech called #CRISPR could be as transformative as the internet. Allowing humans to control our own evolution. So excited to announce our CRISPR doc film called "Human Nature" will premiere at @sxsw. Please sign up on our website for more info. https://t.co/OTzJAdlhHD
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