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Towns look like lakes and rooftops boats on the water, aerial images belying the desperation and destruction amidst the floods. Earth aches. Climate change is real. And my heart is with those suffering now and all who will suffer in the future. We need empathy, but also action.
Let's not forget Kavanaugh is up for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court where he'll shape the rights and climate of justice in this nation for decades. What's the rush? Why does it seem people are afraid of the truth? Why not hear from more witnesses about what happened?
Where do you stand on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? I will be taking calls live during my @RadioAndySXM broadcast at 10:15am ET for discussion. Dial 844-305-2639 (ANDY) and let's talk #DanRathersAmerica
Natural disasters strike my soul like few other stories I've covered. Stirring moments of heroism and selflessness swirl with great loss and hardship, as we tremble in awe and humility at nature's power. To all in harm's way tonight, you are not forgotten. You are not alone.
Want a break from the news? To spend a few minutes basking in the awe and wonder of knowledge and nature? May I suggest this link to my conversation with Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel about the mysteries of the brain. Part of my "Conversations in Science"
I awaken to just another Sunday, humbly aware that is a profound luxury. My mind is with all those suffering in the Carolinas, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, the wake of wildfires, and other natural disasters, in warzones and extreme poverty, with all those facing a day of hurt.
So Pres. Trump rails again on Twitter about his Wall, and how without it "we see nothing but crime." And then he rails against the so-called conspiracy of the Mueller probe, which seems to actually be putting a dent in the crime rate he ushered into Washington.
For some reason the name Manafort has not tickled the Twitter fingers of the President for a few days. "I'll take Legal Jeopardy for 600, Alex..."
In each natural disaster we seem to have to relearn the importance of community, the role of government, the danger of social inequity, and the vitality of facts. Progress will only come when we don't forget these truths once the crises has passed.
Very important context and perspective from the always-worth-reading Dahlia Lithwick. https://t.co/1eBZftJDvI
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