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Please America take notice of California wildfires. Dozens confirmed dead. Hundreds missing. Thousands homeless. Millions choking on toxic air. Closed schools. People wearing masks. No immediate end in sight. Oh, and please do not neglect #climatechange in your coverage.
With so much grim news, I thought I'd try something new here - #ThingsThatMakeMeHappy. First up: Taking an old friend to lunch, looking at your watch and being surprised at how time flew while deep in meaningful conversation. (I hope to make this hashtag a semi-regular feature).
The SF Bay Area is suffering days of very dangerous air quality. This from the fires that have decimated communities further north leaving HUNDREDS missing. And the fires in Southern CA. The full extent of this natural disaster hasn't penetrated the Northeast News Bubble enough.
I saw Mitch McConnell issued a plea for bipartisanship??!?? At first I thought it was a joke - an article from @TheOnion or a bit from @StephenAtHome. Then I realized the English language needs a better synonym for chutzpah.
The world of For-Profit Colleges is worthy of a serious investigative treatment. Excited to be part of the critically-acclaimed documentary @ChainedtheDoc, now available for streaming. https://t.co/RzLYIBK1rC
The deadly wildfires in CA are a tragedy of fearsome proportion - lives lost, missing, and upended. We're Americans first and we hurt for our fellow citizens in times of need. We offer hands of help. But we also must realize climate change is going to make these situations worse.
The sanctity of the vote is the foundation upon which all of our democratic institutions are built. Is our voting system unfair, poorly managed, and susceptible to manipulation? For sure. That is why we need to fix it not debase it with false attacks of voter fraud.
Thinking today of my old friend and CBS News legend Maurice Murad, who passed away. Great person, great pro, RIP.
Are you satisfied with the results of the Midterms? What issues do you want to see Congress address in the new year? I will be taking calls live during my @RadioAndySXM broadcast at 10:15am ET for discussion. Dial 844-305-2639 (ANDY) and let's talk #DanRathersAmerica
To alll our veterans past, present and future, you have my heartfelt gratitude. A full accounting of all you’ve done for our country is impossible to calculate. Yet evidence of your service abounds in the preservation of our democratic values and unlikely but still holding union.
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