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Dan Crenshaw, Lieutenant Commander (Ret), is a former Navy SEAL running for Texas CD-2. A Houston native, Dan and his wife Tara are committed to public service.

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March for Life! Defending the value of the unborn. #MarchForLife
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@RandPaul is giving the President bad advice.

There are those of us who have sacrificed for our nation, who know the importance of this terrorist threat and the need to stay vigilant.

We go there so that they don’t come here. It’s that simple.

Key sticking point on the border security debate: Democrats argue - without evidence - that a physical barrier can’t be effective.

Is it true?

Read my piece here:
Happy Birthday Ben!
To my Democrat colleagues who are also (rightfully) withholding your pay during the shutdown- your colleague @IlhanMN would prefer you stop virtue signaling and end the shutdown.

Can we have serious discussion about border security now? That’d be great.https://t.co/AndMg5SNUe
Will be back in DC next week, canceling scheduled recess. I hope Dems finally intend to negotiate.

Today, they actually boycotted a White House border security meeting.

Their reasoning for being against border security is falling apart. Our proposals make sense & they know it
If Houston’s hardworking federal workers aren’t getting paid, then I shouldn’t be paid either. My pay will be withheld until the government reopens.

Democrats have still not put forth any border security proposals. They can end this right now, and secure our border. Win-win.
Why are you arguing with a point that no one is making?

This border security plan is about the nearly 400,000 illegal aliens apprehended crossing the border last year.

Fact check.https://t.co/n6u1GiU2IT
Surely this new committee will be packed with thoughtful discussion and unbiased investigations.

I understand Dems want to take it to Trump, but we risk creating chaos in gov’t at the expense of important counter-terror issues.

In an alternate universe where Republicans still held the House, the government would be open, federal workers would have their paychecks, and Border Patrol would have the funding and tools they need.

Just something to think about.
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