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Gun Test: TriStar Compact Bullpup Shotgun https://t.co/Wl32MeGonG
REPORT: Trump Wanted The Justice Dept To Prosecute Clinton And Comey https://t.co/mqwFGfsJ95
GOP Official Deletes Facebook Post Calling Wildfires ‘God’s Punishment For Liberal California’ https://t.co/sPqgSUjMQv
New Jersey University Squashes Students’ Hopes Of Bringing Chick-Fil-A To Campus Over Chain’s ‘Corporate Values’ https://t.co/aqU8Lpfi56
‘That’s Not Law:’ Trump Rages At The 9th Circuit After Another Judge Blocks His Immigration Policies https://t.co/pHzCqeGAV0
UFC Star Pulls Out Of Fight, Files Restraining Order Against Husband After Alleged Brutal Attack https://t.co/3cwtaUbpVi
Insurers Are Refusing To Do Business With Coal Companies https://t.co/CMHJVSESAi
Tom Brady Says Fans Shouldn’t Plan To See Him On ‘SNL’ As A Host Again https://t.co/FmLYGcuPzb
Sarah Sanders Calls Judge That Ruled Against Trump’s Asylum Rule An ‘Activist’ https://t.co/bckzpTJZfM
Tom Brady Says Fans Shouldn’t Plan To See Him On ‘SNL’ As A Host Again https://t.co/IWUK1DAE4b
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