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Brooklyn Girl Who Says Another Middle Schooler Raped Her Sues After School Counselor Tells Her ‘Move On’ https://t.co/nXkOsjQYFl
Professors Clamoring For Johns Hopkins To Dissolve Ties With ICE Education Programs https://t.co/8i1bBlDi0W
Majority Of Republicans Support Arming Teachers: Poll https://t.co/QaFZfWxIYA
Undercover Reporter Shows Facebook Moderators Keeping ‘Child Abuse’ Online. Company Responds https://t.co/697bM4nFPC
Trump Approved Press Conference Of Russian Indictments To Strengthen Hand Against Putin https://t.co/ltjgwZMezA
Liberal Group Behind Kavanaugh Resistance Is Hiding Its Funding https://t.co/egbB6BIuxJ
GOP Senator Wants Russia Listed As Terrorist State Like Iran After Putin Meeting https://t.co/9wrXEIsUhK
Maria Bartiromo Laments ‘Low Point’ Of Donald Trump’s Presidency https://t.co/bgOGCugeHf
Jane Fonda Wants People To Vote In Midterms Since US Is In ‘Existential Crisis’ https://t.co/6B9SSQV7hu
Obama Admits Out-Of-Touch ‘New International Elite’ Ignore Middle Class Interests By Exploiting ‘Lower-Cost Immigrant Labor’ https://t.co/yXgb35PM3O
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