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Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill Will Vote NO On Kavanaugh https://t.co/uJpVRRRMbl
Only 5 Percent Of Minnesota Democrats Believe Keith Ellison’s Accuser https://t.co/AvA687lS14
President Trump Has A New Job For Retiring Congressman Darrell Issa https://t.co/rm5Zneur9j
REVIEW: Matthew McConaughey Delivers The Performance Of His Career In ‘White Boy Rick’ https://t.co/6eW8joNhcZ
Christine Blasey Ford’s GoFundMe Raises More Than $130K https://t.co/LkD6loL3lb
Justin Bieber Reveals Whether He’s Getting A Prenup. Is He Making The Dumbest Decision Of His Life? https://t.co/NpLJJTVZn3
North Korea Will Move Toward Denuclearization If US Reciprocates https://t.co/V3g5qND5Ze
Free Market Group: Stop Giving Handouts To Rich Tesla Drivers https://t.co/s8h6wbrEsY
OPINION: Campaign Finance ‘Reformers’ Ignore Largest Campaign Finance Scandal Ever https://t.co/3TsIyrEUfX
Demi Lovato’s Mom Credits Her Faith With Getting Through Overdose [VIDEO] https://t.co/ry2tju8Yi1
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