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@pronneberg You should really get to know someone before attempting to be hateful. I’m a mother of teens — and here because a gun protected my life. I’m not going to apologize for surviving or be shamed by you or anyone. God bless.
They’re more violent than smart.
@hotdaddywags I’m a mother and my life was protected by a gun as a child. How gross and evil for you to shame a woman who simply supports protecting herself. Shame on you.
She deleted, but not before I saved it, which I always do. This is horrible advocacy against the 2A. Stuff like this just reinforces the need for self protection.
This is like a Chappelle episode. I can’t wait for them to realize they’re actually the fascists.
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I would buy and wear proudly.
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Gross. You dug up a 10 year-old Tweet to pretend to be outraged by. Creeper much?
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