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Someone tell this sweet soul it’s an NSSF event.
Homeowner defends himself against four home invaders: https://t.co/2jCDzp4yOh
Just a reminder — I save all the hateful replies and read it on air in a sponsored segment for #DanaRadio. Usually I spend it on tithing or range ammo but I’m going to set aside some for a Beretta A300 for sporting clays.
Ryan why are you not calling the FBI
Where? Why are you not calling the FBI RYAN
Ryan, call them now.
@ALLPURPOSEHOMES The elderly person walked over and rudely beat a drum in his face while his friends yelled slurs at the kids. He should be ashamed. The kids were the adults in this situation.
A grown man fetishizing about assaulting a kid. Seek mental help.
I don’t work for Planned Parenthood. You should ask them.
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