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Chicago Cubs
Squad. 🙌
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Brooklyn Nets
it appears dloading s bag is getting more full and he s in it
It appears @Dloading's bag is getting more full.

And he's in it 👀
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@NBA 2 hours
halftime on 62 62 d angelo russell 18 pts 4 ast damian lillard 11 pts 5 ast jusuf nurkic 12 pts 8 reb
Halftime on @NBATV!

#WeGoHard 62
#RipCity 62

D'Angelo Russell: 18 PTS, 4 AST
Damian Lillard: 11 PTS, 5 AST
Jusuf Nurkic: 12 PTS, 8 REB
Trail Blazers
we love you bosnianbeast27
We love you, @bosnianbeast27 ❤
Bleacher Report
conor mcgregor announces retirement from mma
Conor McGregor announces retirement from MMA
Phoenix Suns
see you at our place next week utahjazz final gatorade
See you at our place next week @utahjazz.

Final | @Gatorade
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Subramanian Swamy
pts beware of marya shakil of cnn news 18 she is part of a cartel known as aj pvt ltd whatever she says is mod
PTs : Beware of Marya Shakil of CNN News 18. She is part of a cartel known as AJ Pvt Ltd. Whatever she says is modified on SMS from that cartel. I have already informed the CNN News 18 management
@espn 2 hours
the rock encouraged some kids on their way to their baseball game via therock
The Rock encouraged some kids on their way to their baseball game 😂 (via @TheRock)
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WWE Universe
it s lastmanstanding and thedeanambrose just crashed and burned against dmcintyrewwe raw
It's #LastManStanding, and @TheDeanAmbrose just CRASHED and BURNED against @DMcIntyreWWE! #RAW
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Blake Griffin
get well soon big fella bosnianbeast27
get well soon big fella @bosnianbeast27
Soledad O'Brien
im just sick of journalists actimg like putting bullsht on tv is somehow required you actually can tell storie
I’m just sick of journalists actimg like putting bullsh*t on tv is somehow required. You actually can tell stories, about people, and dig into policy issues that affect them, in thoughtful ways. And do well ratings-wise.

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Oakland Athletics
remember in 2018 when lou and the bullpen were the best in we think 2019 will bring more of the same come watc
Remember in 2018 when Lou and the bullpen were the best in @MLB? We think 2019 will bring more of the same.

Come watch Lou, Blake, and the rest of the squad lock down our opponents all year, starting Thursday!
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Michael Lee
every time i see devin booker have one of these march scoring eruptions i think about how john calipari had hi
Every time I see Devin Booker have one of these March scoring eruptions, I think about how John Calipari had him backing up the Harrison twins on that 2014-15 Kentucky squad. Wildcats went 38-1 but Cal might have snagged that second ch'ip with a lil' more Booker
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