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Back on the road in Georgia after leaving an incredible Sunday school service with President Carter and @repjohnlewis—it wouldn't be a real road trip without some carpool karaoke (Gospel version!)

Watch on my IG Stories: https://t.co/bhpbxitWWc
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So excited and honored to join one of my heroes @repjohnlewis today on a road trip through Georgia. Right now we’re heading to Plains, Georgia, the hometown of President Jimmy Carter.

I’ll be posting the full trip on my Instagram Stories—please tune in! https://t.co/bhpbxitWWc
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To my friends, family (that includes you Mom) and followers in Las Vegas, grateful to hear Dr. Chaney is holding 9AM Sunday services.

3610 North Rancho Drive Las Vegas Nevada 89130
To the government workers affected by this senseless Trump shutdown:

@PayPal is committing to fund $25 million of interest-free cash advances to help impacted government employees. Visit https://t.co/AnUKATWGlK #ShutdownStories

More US companies should follow this example.
Not only was this a lie – today's shattering government watchdog report on family separation shows the more we dig, the worse it is. We've seen nothing but a horrifying display of cruelty and incompetence from DHS Secretary Nielsen – she needs to resign. https://t.co/oXfLiNgQuR
Day 27. A typical federal worker has now missed ~$5000 in pay from the shutdown. Half of all Americans don't have savings to cover a $400 emergency. Every day Trump refuses to #EndTheShutdown he plunges government workers deeper into financial insecurity. https://t.co/u2EoYFGfLY
This is a Michelle Obama appreciation tweet. Thankful for her incredible work as First Lady and for being a wonderful role model to the nation – wishing her a very happy birthday!
From Eric, a federal employee: "Not receiving a paycheck is adding to the stress of the job ... It's hard to work while you stress about how to keep a roof over the head of a newborn baby and a wife on maternity leave. Please end the shutdown immediately." #ShutdownStories
"Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public."

Cornel West
We need to do everything we can to make sure this #tenyearchallenge is not the reality of our planet in 2029.

If we want to pass on a sustainable healthy world to the next generation, we need to have started yesterday. Today's not too late. #GreenNewDeal. Let's get it started.
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