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'SNL' releases blooper reel f/ Donald Glover, Tiffany Haddish, Will Ferrell, and more: https://t.co/ULqgxp3ayC
Weed grinder shaped like a grenade causes airport evacuation in Argentina: https://t.co/SGzvqu2suG
You know the rest.

@KidCudi x @complex
Cudi linked up with @plainpat, @emilehaynie, and @dotdagenius who helped craft the Cudi sound.
Favorite track?
Cudi moved to NYC with $500 bucks in his pocket and worked retail as he began to pursue music.

This mixtape marked his first full project and set the tone for classics to come.
"They gon’ love me man.”

@KidCudi’s classic mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi” dropped July 17, 2008.
"Guys like @1future and me, we help create and shape the sound of music—not just Atlanta music, but music all over." - @zaytovenbeatz on making the 'Beast Mode' series https://t.co/yQOo1CMhiq
College student receives car from CEO after walking 20 miles to work: https://t.co/ljuZYyv41D
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🎶 Ranking Drake's albums from worst to best: https://t.co/5fwgaFusob
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