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Latest Scoops

JetBlue Airlines lets Falcons fans know that "28-3" will live forever with a new #SuperBowl promotion.

No matter how much they want to forget: https://t.co/dqM7Sgo0cD
Epic Games responds to Soulja Boy’s claim that his next console will play #Fortnite: https://t.co/f8Pr7lWUoz
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2Pac’s sex drawings and a hand-drawn love letter to his girlfriend have been sold for over $21,000 at auction: https://t.co/irUZJpGYaK
That's not all...

Here's every record Black Panther has shattered since it came out almost one year agohttps://t.co/fXmyFXGMbF:
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There have been dozens and dozens of superhero movies.

Black Panther is the FIRST ONE to get a Best Picture #OscarNoms: https://t.co/qfuL6jIhi9
Spotify will soon allow customers to mute or block any artist that they do not want to support on the streaming service. #ComplexNews
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With the government shutdown still ongoing, one Arizona politician seems to have concocted the perfect plan to fund the wall: make people pay to watch porn. https://t.co/nOhNn8VyQY
21 years since the OG Resident Evil 2 dropped 🎮
2019 #OscarNoms for Best Picture:

▪️Black Panther
▪️A Star Is Born

See all nominations: https://t.co/VTpebCkjRp
😈🏝 @Drake and @torylanez announce Assassination Vacation U.K. and Europe tour.

The two managed to patch things up between them over the last year: https://t.co/u1MJLEuFbq
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