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Ex HF. Now I write. Freelance writer. @thestreettech @benzinga alum. Mets/Pats. Tech geek. Movie lover, Oxford comma hater. Created sliced bread

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The Great NFL Heist: How Fox Paid for and Changed Football Forever - The Ringer

Unbelievable reporting, writing and compiling here. Truly well done https://t.co/BUiSg3uS0R
Did anyone go to the Morgan Stanley Space summit yesterday? Any takeaways?
Electric car market growth in case anyone is interested.

good piece on it which gives better detail than the TechCrunch story.

One of the more interesting explanations I've seen in a while.
Stan inks deal with Disney, secures key animated, Marvel, Star Wars titles https://t.co/VEM98f9K9h
After scouring (and reporting on) Apple-related content news over the past 6 months-1 year, it's become clear to me that Apple is building not just the next Netflix, but rather a Netflix-film studio hybrid.
LOL at the markets giving up their gains and then some. #bearmarket
Pichai said no plans to launch a search product in China. They've said that before, but does that mean current plans or is Project Dragonfly completely off the table? #googlehearing
I reiterate that I think $AAPL will wind up beating Q1 rev and EPS estimates. The question (in my mind) is what are gross margins given all the heavy promotion/marketing the co. has done.
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