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Father, husband, U.S. Senator from the State of Delaware

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President Trump’s #TitleX rule puts family planning programs at risk and creates barriers to care for women in Delaware and across the country. We should be expanding women’s access to high-quality reproductive and preventive health care, not taking it away. #SaveTitleX
Happy belated birthday to my friend and true legend John Lewis. This photo was taken at East Side Charter in 2016 when Rep. Lewis visited students in the First State. #flashbackfriday 📸: @delawareonline
A special thank you to the men and women of the Cheswold Volunteer Fire Department for hosting us and to the Cheswold PD for all your help.
Thank you to everyone who came out to my town hall discussion tonight in Cheswold to make your voices heard, share your opinions, and discuss issues impacting our communities - from the opioid crisis to health care to college affordability.
Thank you to everyone who came out for tonight’s town hall in Cheswold!

Great questions and great conversation!
REMINDER: Join us for a town hall tonight at 7 p.m. at Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company! Find more information and register here:
Grateful for the men & women of federal law enforcement whose vigilance foiled a plot to carry out a widespread domestic terrorist attack & saved countless innocent lives—a reminder of what our law enforcement officers do every single day to keep us safe.
Happy to join @WDEL and @LoudellWDEL to talk foreign policy and upcoming town hall. Tune in now!
During my visit to London, I was honored to discuss the shared interests of the US and the U.K. in Africa with Minister @HBaldwinMP We have a lot of good work we can do together to help an increasingly important continent of 54 countries.
The President is not above the law. This interference with ongoing investigations is alarming and unacceptable. Now would be a good time to protect the special counsel.

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I’ve been hearing and claiming that ‘collusion is not a crime.’ Well, I took the liberty of reading the U.S. code myself. Here’s what the law actually says:
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Republicans have hired an outside attorney to grill Dr. Ford, they’ve scheduled a vote on Judge Kavanaugh for Friday AM (the day after this hearing), and they’re limiting questions to 1 round of 5 min Qs

Does that sound like they’re taking this seriously to you?

Me neither.
I’m deeply disappointed that Republicans have decided to rush the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh without our having access to his full record. *Both parties* used to believe in fully vetting nominees for life-tenured positions on the Supreme Court
Does this seem like a legitimate process for vetting someone for a lifetime Supreme Court seat to you?

Me neither.
Based on new information we learned this week, I’m very concerned that Donald Trump Jr. provided false testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I’m asking the Committee Chairman to bring Trump Jr. back in to testify-in public this time. Here’s the letter I sent yesterday
If the Senate passes a bill in the middle of the night, before anyone can read it, to completely re-write the entire US tax code, that's a pretty good indication of what's in it.
On the Senate floor with and right now-we’re trying to force a vote on the bill to protect the Special Counsel-watch here
RT if you think we shouldn't re-write America's tax code in the middle of the night with...this.
Just an idea re: tax reform:

Scrap this mess.

Start over.

Work together.

Hold hearings.

Listen to experts.

Pass real, deficit neutral, pro-growth, pro-middle class tax reform.

Just an idea.
I don’t have 1000 words for this photo (credit to @AP photographer @evanvucci) but I do have some.

It's no secret that I don't agree with President Trump very often, but I pray for the President regularly, as I did at today’s National Prayer Breakfast.
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