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Chris Haynes
kevin durant and jamychal green have had their double technical fouls rescinded
Kevin Durant and JaMychal Green have had their double technical fouls rescinded.
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The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
billionaire investor tells morehouse college graduating class he s paying off their student debt
Billionaire investor tells Morehouse College graduating class he's paying off their student debt
AFP news agency
@AFP 46 minutes
breaking trump if tehran wants to fight it will be official end of iran
#BREAKING Trump: if Tehran "wants to fight," it will be "official end of Iran"
@MSNBC 2 hours
anti money laundering specialists at deutsche bank flagged suspicious transactions on trump and kushner accoun
Anti-money laundering specialists at Deutsche Bank flagged suspicious transactions on Trump and Kushner accounts in 2016 and 2017, according to a New York Times report.
ABC News Politics
libertarian rep justin amash becomes the first congressional republican to call for president trump s impeachm
Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash becomes the first congressional Republican to call for President Trump's impeachment based on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report: "Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct"
Reuters Top News
box office john wick 3 knocks down avengers endgame with 57 million debut
Box office: 'John Wick 3' knocks down 'Avengers: Endgame' with $57 million debut
The Int'l Spectator
every minute 473400 tweets are sent 4500000 videos are watched on youtube 3788140 searches are made on google
Every minute:

473,400 Tweets are sent

4,500,000 videos are watched on YouTube

3,788,140 searches are made on Google

12,986,111 text messages are sent

1,111 packages are shipped by Amazon

750,000 songs are streamed on Spotify

49,380 photos are posted on Instagram

Al Jazeera English
saudi arabia seeks to avert war in the region but ready to respond with force
Saudi Arabia 'seeks to avert war [in the region], but ready to respond with force'
@CNN 2 hours
white supremacists are killing more and more americans here s why they have not been prosecuted as terrorists
White supremacists are killing more and more Americans. Here's why they have not been prosecuted as terrorists.
The Associated Press
a rocket crashed into baghdads heavily fortified green zone but did not cause any casualties an iraqi military
A rocket crashed into Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone but did not cause any casualties, an Iraqi military spokesman says.
NBC News
@NBCNews 2 hours
new in commencement address philanthropist robert smith pledges 40000000 to clear morehouse graduates student
NEW: In commencement address, philanthropist Robert Smith pledges $40,000,000 to clear Morehouse graduates' student debt.
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