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  3. 'since i was little, i always preferred the feeling that the assist gave me more than the goal.' 🎯 🎩
'Since I was little, I always preferred the feeling that the assist gave me more than the goal.' 🎯

@cesc4official 🎩
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It would appear I’ve been dragged into the Great North Run never ran more than 5km and hate most types of exercise that last more than 10seconds😳😳😳 @ZoesPlaceMbro certainly pulled on my heartstrings.
Hope Mourinho has engaged in more serious reflection about his demise than he lets on. He blamed modern players and the structure at Man Utd in that interview, but never, at any point, himself
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Only two players have scored more Championship goals than him this season.

Teemu Pukki to score in the 1st half. Was 5/2, Now 4/1!

By cutting all tuition 10% Ford just gave a discount to all the families that didn't need help and paid for it by charging all students taking out loans and adding more interest. #ONpoli #OSAP 3/4
I WAS hammer_city_3 1st CLIENT! And I’ll never forget it! 🙌🏽 He absolutely killed me & I know he is going to become one of the best trainers at dogpound 👊🏼 That is his goal & with his work… https://t.co/LRgDjmS1RB
@muhammadbutt Alireza Jahanbakhsh was directly involved in more goals (33) than any other player in the 2017/18 Eredivisie season.

• 21 goals
• 12 assists

He has played 438 Premier League minutes and is currently at the Asian Cup. 😫 https://t.co/
#Angels will now pay $34.335m this year for Matt Harvey, Trevor Cahill, Cody Allen, Justin Bour and Jonathan Lucroy. Perhaps more than the AAV that Harper and/or Machado will receive this year when they finally sign.
ICYMI, here’s my lengthy feature on Orioles manager Brandon Hyde. He’s already made an impact on O’s history. His work with a player more than a decade ago set the stage for one of the best Os moments in recent history. That story, among others, is here: https://t.co/xDyDhY4nNp
@CJSmith91 No player has scored more goals from outside the box (19) than Gylfi Sigurdsson since he made his debut.

Five of them in an Everton shirt. 🎯 https://t.
“For me, he’s been different class since the moment I walked in. It was hard at the start, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t talking to me or helping to improve me as a player.”

Robbo on his relationship with the boss 🙌⬇️

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