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I took Western Civ as a Stanford Freshman. Incomplete? Yes. Perfect? No. Crucial to my analytical & personal development? Yes.
Thank you for the suggestion...!
Concerning research suggests young women in the workforce report higher rates of depression: https://t.co/xN6ZLEFfq6
How depressing to realize I need to have the same conversation with the students I will teach this term.
Something to watch for sure.
No. These "strategies" will not shield Trump from the responsibility of taking away Dreamers' & our country's dreams https://t.co/1kCoqcy9Ri
Thank you for sharing. I will watch tonight.
When is a sanctuary not a sanctuary? I guess when you're across the street?!!
Yes, you're completely, painfully right. "But for the grace of God..." We must always remember that & do all we each can do.
Please keep me posted! Good luck!!!
Hello Jordan! Please let me know if I can ever support your work & advocacy! Thank you for being an awesome role model!
So inspired by this girl who is sharing her “sparkle” & positive attitude: https://t.co/p1bmuEGlAn #ShePersisted
Horrified to learn of the high pollution levels found in the deepest parts of the ocean: https://t.co/ocK9h0zwcI
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