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I'm not running for anything*

*Apparently periodic reminder may mean twice a day reminding
@JonStall2009I do not remember shouting- and what you cite does not say I did. Regardless, I wish at 21 I had engaged more constructively & respectively.
I did not shout at anyone. I do remember talking with friends throughout and chanting inbetween speakers.
I completely agree. Please let me know what you think I might be able to do.
@[email protected]@NomikiKonst James! Cld you do a word graph of the hundreds of events&interviews I did last year? Talked about many of these often&repeatedly. Thanks!
@[email protected]_berdino @BernPressagree with you. Completely. But that doesn't mean there isn't anti-Americanism. At that time, there was, as well as thoughtful critiques.
@[email protected] did not shout to interrupt anyone. I listened to the speakers, some spoke against the Afghan war, against war, others against America.
@[email protected]@joshfoxfilm @People4Berniewill respectively disagree. There are many ways for us to show our patriotism over time and throughout our lives. And words matter.
@[email protected] choice of words. What I remember from that event 15+ yrs ago was it was more broadly critical of America than specifically anti-war
@EdmundGriffithsYou're right. I apologize. I remembered it as being around my first papers which were in Oct. & early Nov. and it was clearly in the latter
That's horrific, at any time.
@brenthatleyI@_danielhall @BernPresswanted the UN to be able to do its job. Not revisionist. Pls reach out to Bari Lurie if you're interested in talking >140characters thanks
I'm so glad to read this. Thank you for sharing.
This wasn't about the Iraq war. Please do not put words in my mouth and I will extend the same courtesy to you. Thank you.
I'm so sorry. I miss my grandma every day and so wish she could have met her great-grandchildren.
@brenthatleyA@[email protected] Oxford, I attended events supportive of the UN being allowed to do its job. I did not attend the big London protest.
Please reach out to Bari Lurie. She had a baby two weeks ago but will reply even if it takes a bit!
@[email protected]'ve no plans to run for public office. Given all I write about global public health, hope it's clear how important I think cooperation is.
@[email protected] exercising your right and your conscience should never elicit an anti-American response. I'm sorry that happened to you or anyone
No, I don't.
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