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I hadn't sent this before - also clearly not ok. Don't throw rocks at kids should be a maxim everyone could agree on
Who is surprised by what we're seeing now?
Talking about hitting girls is never funny. Ever.
I’m all in for #EarthHour 2017! This year, Earth Hour lands on March 25 at 8:30PM. Join me: https://t.co/yoRPZJHsms
I’m all in for #EarthHour 2017! This year, Earth Hour lands on March 25 at 8:30PM. Join me: https://t.co/yoRPZJHsms
Removing the alternative facts, half truths and untruths from Trump's @Time interview reveals how little remains https://t.co/AgzObgkUiK
RT @ASlavitt: Could anyone buy maternity coverage in Colorado before the ACA?

No. https://t.co/xsazGtIZSZ
I agree. My tweet says correlation in it - not causation
Agreed! Correlation often a reason to look deeper, which I think is needed here
Have struggled to find the words for what happened in London, a place I once called home. I remain without words. London, you're in my heart
Hopefully we can build more scientific literacy so we can raise awareness about both possible and proven risks and concerns
Agree correlation does not equal causation and it needs more - a lot more - work because it is so potentially worrying
Horrifying research shows correlation between global warming & rise in diabetes cases: https://t.co/DYp6Sru91c
Impressed w these women paleontologists but discouraged that in 2017 so many feel they have to hide in plain sight: https://t.co/7TCdmOoqtm
Soon it will be legal to kill bear cubs & wolf pups. Isn't it possible to support hunting & oppose the cruel killing of baby animals? ?#MAGAhttps://t.co/JzzEo7xdB4
Yes, we can agree on that
Research shows role playing can help kids learn; it's not the only tool & I think not the most appropriate to teach about violence
Research shows a big difference between asking someone to imagine something & asking them to act it out. Particularly for kids
Why is Harriet Tubman in the tweet but not the article (& not identified)-do you think people recognize her? Hope so but worry not
It's both/and not either/or. I write about both in #ItsYourWorld & will work to include both in future tweets!
Oh Yashar (audible sigh), are you looking for ... consistency?
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