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How is increasing the number of people without health insurance - by more than 20 million !!! - #MAGA?
@holmesgr Beautifully said. Thank you for being a math teacher! I was lucky to have great math teachers from 1st grade thru statistics in grad school!
Budget cuts that discourage women & their children from getting Zika follow-up care are unacceptable: https://t.co/6FrEFAjtWy
Hi Paul! Hope you'll check out Governing Global Health if you're interested in global health (spoiler alert: I co-authored it)
@storageDiva Between 730-8 is the goal! Tonight they were both tired so were asleep even before 730 post Guess How Much I Love You & other stories.
I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for reading #ItsYourWorld!
@TellEmSteveDave Any targeting of any group is heinous-we call hate crimes hate crimes for a reason. Quoted an article & shared it because I found it moving.
What's #MAGA about cutting cancer & heart disease research? Or @CDCgov ability to respond to outbreaks-like #Ebola? https://t.co/z2IZT4TGcW
What's #MAGA abt cutting children's health insurance, support for disabled Americans and nutritional assistance? https://t.co/V0Cg1eHJqZ
Of course not. Any attack on children is especially heinous.
Yes, you're right. That's the first sentence I quote from the article.
"Every terrorism attack is an atrocity. There's something ... especially cruel in targeting a venue filled w girls." https://t.co/7EEBeO0FXH
Thank you! I hope they enjoy reading #ShePersisted!
Thank you! Hope you have a great week too!
Just arrived in DC for @CARE #CNC17! Looking forward to joining a panel w @MichelleNunn @xoamani @Mkanyoro & Barbara Bush this afternoon
Donald Trump vs. Women’s Health, via @nytimes https://t.co/W0OmQup2zb
For many women, particularly low-income women, and men, particularly low-income men, @PPact is their primary healthcare provider.
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