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  3. you can watch the full report on the government's changes to universal credit here:
You can watch the full report on the government's changes to Universal Credit here:



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Yvette Hicks says she has to ration her children’s asthma medication because of the govt. shutdown, which she says began on her first day as a security officer at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Hear from her on Full Circle on Facebook Watch: https://t.co/XbBlauaTvi
It's a little chilly today in Jackson. Maybe today's knitting class is the perfect way to spend your evening so that you can learn to knit something warm for yourself.
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#Oscar nominations are out. Check out the full list here.

"Even if you build a wall, people are going to keep coming here. So the important thing is how we treat people when they do come here," 🇺🇸 -JJ Mulligan Sepulveda #NoHumanIsIllegal

If you need your venison fix but your freezer is empty, a York County deer farm can get you through the year. https://t.co/HyNYUSFiZe
It's so hot in Mildura, you can leave a steak in your car and let it cook. The Victorian city is on track for hottest average January on record. Here's how the locals cope https://t.co/jxR5qYuzTl
Dear Supreme Court - you have made an indefensible mistake. Please before making any further decisions, contact me and I will help you the best I can.
Your pal, John
While many plan Super Bowl parties, 1 in 7 #Utah children face the pain & anxiety of hunger. The Super Bowl of Caring, and you, can help.
“Do you think these debates within the Women’s Movement is just natural for any political movement?”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

See our report on this year’s Women’s March on VICENewsTonight at 7:30 PM EST on @HBO.
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You can fly to a major city for £100 with the British Airways sale https://t.co/DRYhdDPc3U
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