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In case you missed it, here are the partial, unofficial results in all the 5 provinces of Cotabato and Isabela cities. #BangsamoroVote https://t.co/Z3lFFIi20K
@TheHamannator @NWSDesMoines Hey Jordan, Ryan from The Weather Channel here. Can we use your video on air and online for TWC TV partners and platforms? We'll give you credit ---> https://t.co/Tl0y44Aih7
📣ATTENTION📣 @OriginalFunko Fans! #TheNightTimeShow is proud to team up with #Funko for this RARE opportunity for you to get your hands on THIS! You can win this 3 Ft Freddy Funko Boo Berry and the money raised will be donated to @ChildrensLA Go win now! https://t.co/P1fIgdpWMx
I mean, I know people like to moan at MPs - but if you tell the Government to Brexit, and then takeaway its majority, and tell pollsters a majority would vote Remain, but majority also against having a Referendum - its going to be messy.
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You can now de-stress with the mouth-watering scent of KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. https://t.co/81GG0C8IrV
.@butlersheriff Richard Jones calls on former presidents Obama, George W. Bush to help country "unify" https://t.co/NPL9kW8rLm

THOUGHTS? "The country needs the two of you to show the American people that our political parties can get along even if opinions differ"
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Bali is known for lush beaches and historic temples, but tourism can also strain local resources.

The Balinese regional government has drafted a bylaw imposing a $10 tax on foreign tourists to be charged upon leaving the country, the Jakarta Post reports. https://t.co/Rm0xpkT2QG
You can eat for under $5 at the Super Bowl. https://t.co/ts13UpxWEf
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Video of an officer arresting a man high on meth is raising questions about the officer's use of force. @MarkWinneWSB has the video where you can see the officer kick the man while he's on the ground, coming up at 5:59 p.m.
There are ways to raise taxes on the rich that can work. And ways that won't. @WilliamGale2 argues here that hiking the top rate to 70% is definitely not the best way to go. https://t.co/Rd4aIN6ZXt
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