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Brexit Plan B? May refuses to tear up her deal

Zimbabwean journalist Violet Gonda: “Nothing has changed”

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns MP: ‘Brexiteers given hope by meeting with May’

Northern Ireland Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton: ‘We sense very little community support for what has happened’

Inside Zimbabwe: We speak to activists on the run, in fear and in hiding

Brexit Minister Robin Walker: ‘Suspending Article 50 won’t help’

Brexit Plan B? May refuses to tear up her deal


PSNI's Mark Hamilton tells @jonsnowC4: Most people in NI don't want violence, we sense very little community support for what has happened
Labour MP Alison McGovern tells @cathynewman: there's no form of Brexit that's good for UK, serious damage has been done to social cohesion #67DaysToBrexit

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns tells @cathynewman: Brexiteers given hope by meeting with May, want govt to look at backstop and £39bn payment to EU
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