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How did the chaotic end to last week go down with voters?

Who better to ask than John and Heather from Stafford - she voted Leave, he was Remain.

In the style of Channel 4's Gogglebox we bring them to you, watching political fireworks on Channel 4 News

“They spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning, they don't have any problems.”

President Trump has again blamed forest mismanagement for the deadly wildfires in California, saying they should look towards the 'forest nation' of Finland for answers.
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"You feel terrible for these people, it’s been devastating for them and I couldn’t imagine coming back here if this was my home."

74 people have been confirmed dead and a thousand more reported missing after the deadliest string of wildfires in California's history.
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"Destitution is a figure that he has chosen to come forward with."

Treasury Minister Mel Stride MP says that contrary to a UN report claiming austerity has ‘inflicted great misery’ in Britain, the country now has ‘a million people fewer in absolute poverty’.
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"I want someone to tell me I'm safe in this country - that I'm not going to get kicked out."

More than 600,000 children living in the UK were born in other EU countries, so how do they feel about Brexit and their future?
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The number of people missing in this week’s Northern Californian wildfires has jumped from 130 to 631. The ‘Camp Fire’ blaze, the deadliest in the state’s history, has left hundreds homeless and living in tent cities.

Watch @alextomo's report: https://t.co/hfERfHZScZ
UN officials say a permanent ceasefire is needed in Yemen to avert widespread starvation.

Watch @lindseyhilsum's report: https://t.co/4tR5p7P2SX
It’s been another hectic day in Westminster – Amber Rudd has been appointed to be Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, only eight months since her demise as Home Secretary over the Windrush controversy.

Watch @MichaelLCrick's report: https://t.co/AgOrNlQNUo
Watch @JackieLongc4's report here: https://t.co/5YVa1tODyj
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