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Since 2016, how many times have you seen a positive story about Trump in the National Media?
#Feinstein #JussieSmolletHoax #Trump #CowboysforTrump #FridayNight
Then he asked if she wanted sprinkles. https:
The kind of folks who would push a child in front of a politician and say “You’re on” are the same type of people who would stage a lynching to create fear and hatred.

#Feinstein #Jussie
Probably from the Bernie Bro who attacked a Republican softball practice.
@WasAlene I thought that talking about terrorists meant that you’re full of racism and hate. That you were selling fear and xenophobia. What gives?
@TreBracey It’s the first time I’ve seen the media focus on a crime in Chicago since that Mayor with the stupid haircut. That was about 2008.
@maddow #JussieSmolletShoppingList1. Magazines to cut out random letters
2. Tylenol and something to crush it with
3. Envelopes
4. MAGA hats
5. Butter
6. Eggs
7. Diet Coke

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Here's something the media won't tell you, @realDonaldTrump is drawing the largest crowds in U.S. presidential camp…
Fun fact: while running for Illinois senate, Mr. Obama sued to have his opponent's nasty divorce records unsealed and leaked them.
Why is that can find a guy who made a gif, in a matter of hours but they still can't find any Russian hackers?

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When people in $34,000 clothes, give each other golden statues and tell me about equality.
I’m not sure, but I think I spent the last 24 hours watching the party of inclusion, diversity, understanding, and acceptance, lynch a Jew.

#Roseanne #ValerieJarrett #EverydayRacism #Ambien
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I'm no lawyer but can anyone show me where, in the Constitution, it says that Seattle judges decide our national security policy?
It's been sixteen years since I watched a small group of illegal immigrants steal four airliners and kill almost 3,000 of my fellow citizens
I remember when Democrats set a bunch of people on fire because of how they practiced their religion.
Comey: Your Honor, we would like to use this folder of crap, that Hillary Clinton paid for, to bug all the phones in Trump Tower.

Federal Judge: Okey-dokey

#FisaGate #ObamaGate #HillaryMemo #MemoDay
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Quick question: How many people who worked for the DNC were murdered last week?
@CNN @FoxNews @nbcnews @CBSNews
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