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Every story has its beginnings but some stories get forgotten, others distorted while more others never end. . .

Starting this Thursday, #NewsGang puts it all into perspective with informed and balanced accounts from @Fchurii @YvonneOkwara @JamilaMohamed @jageyo @LinusKaikai
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Get a deeper look at some of the worlds Sora, Goofy, and Donald will visit in this Kingdom Hearts III trailer:

Why don’t you try losing everything and having the professional world turn their backs on you including your fans, gain their respect back and then never give up on yourself and get back at me. Maybe I’ll have some advice for you.
"I couldn’t get over how striking-looking the two girls are." Three "My Brilliant Friend" fans discuss the first two episodes of the HBO adaptation. https://t.co/dzndS4P8M1
"We need to get people away from guns being the first resort to anger," Tuggle said >> https://t.co/gD58n054So
Betting on Scotland vs Israel?

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They literally saying 6ix9ine should get multiple life sentences for being around the wrong people
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