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Good morning, NE Ohio! Halfway through the week! The weekend is coming, we'll get there. And when we do... Fall will meet us!
Surfers Paradise ironman @Alastair_Day won’t get the chance to go toe-to-toe with rival @CaineEckstein in next month's Coolangatta Gold. @dloudon9 #9News
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'My Own Devices' by @dessadarling is a beautiful collection of essays about heartache, complicated love, and using science to get over your ex https://t.co/1Oq4vV1HRL
Modi's Rafale Vs. Congress's AgustaWestland? As extradition of VVIP Chopper Scam middleman looms, get ready for 'defence scam Vs defence scam' to hit 2019 campaign. @ShivAroor breaks the story down on #5iveLIVE @ 5.30pm.
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Shay's EDM #MyTunes

🎤Ultimate sing along:
@Axwell ^ @Ingrosso - Sun is Shining

💪🏾Get pumped anthem:
@HARDWELL ft @harrisonlive -Sally

🇿🇦Favourite local song:
@TiMOODV - We Get Ravey

🙆🏻‍♀️WOO-girl song:
@djsnake @DILLONFRANCIS - Get Low

WIN Gotta Get #GOT7 Bingo! Play at 9PM! https://t.co/T1XwtahRe2
Did @machinegunkelly trick a Fall Out Boy crowd into raising their middle fingers at @Eminem, get "booed off stage".. and then STILL post the photo of it?? 🙈 >>> https://t.co/UkrHA51KiG
Breaking Celebrity News: Janet Jackson is familiar with the chicken shop Nandos but is not familiar with the British term "Cheeky Nandos" - more updates as I get them
We love the book barge! Get a sneak peek into the floating bookshop here: https://t.co/nRSZqjJRcB
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