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Ya girl weren’t speaking loud enough
California is my second home. Hope people are staying safe out there.
To all my American friends. Please, please, please take the time to vote today. Find out where you can vote here: https://t.co/zYsNwBDovM
@MitchyCollins love you
What an honor it was to have been given the opportunity to cover a song by one of the most influential bands in history. Here’s our take on KILLER QUEEN! https://t.co/zSnpiPIUzT
3 years to the day of ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’. This album helped me into my early adulthood. I hope it played as big of a part in the soundtrack of your life at some point as it did for mine.
Joe Rainey went the extra mile to always make sure this band was heard by as many people as possible. But more importantly, he was our dear friend. We miss you, Joe. Rest In Peace.
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