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Out here with Canela the Savage
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Out here with Canela the Savage


“(As for showing that I deserve to be here), I think the best way, ironically, is to not go out and try to prove anything, but rather to go out, do my job and do what I was trained to do.” - @GregHardyJr on making his @ufc debut at #UFCBrooklyn

Here's another great @Flipboard magazine for you #tech fans out there...with the growing spate of cybersecurity incidents, it's time to take a look at how you can keep your data and devices secure. Check out @TechCrunch's magazine for helpful tips: https://t.co/b4YseGnMPm
I did a really ridiculous photoshoot a few weeks ago and came up with the perfect image for a silly, naughty Valentine.

It’s even better than the picture below.

Sign up so I can mail you one right here:
Worn out by #Brexit ?? Tense nervous headache? New Zealand’s ⁦@wildsidenz⁩ has the calming answer with it’s live albatross nest cam...https://t.co/SWa6OEWdWJ
Chuck Schumer: "I’ll meet with him anytime he wants. As you know, the last I spoke with him was when he walked out, threw a temper tantrum and walked out, so we haven’t heard from him since then." https://t.co/PxWBktu2h4
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Here we are discussing the Weekend's Expected Winter Weather. #inwx Check it out! https://t.co/KfbFYAw8eN
Rainfall totals the past 72 hours across #socal some locations 2 to 3 inches with locally 4 inches, check out northern Orange County #cawx #castorm
π time: Portland officials are using the pilot program to make a big point with startups: It is better to ask permission and work with local regulators than risk being run out of a community. #StarScience https://t.co/66l1v6wMhD
M.E.N. crime reporter John Scheerhout has spent decades covering Salford's underworld - here he looks at how Paul Massey lost his life after falling out with people he once trusted
Here’s @yunjid with today's top news headlines around #Hawaii. Visit https://t.co/R2t6d7dBD2 for the latest. #honolulu #oahu #ward #ohanahalemarketplace #hileg #ccHNL
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