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Spreading positivity on the daily. Everybody Eats! Serious Inquiries email me at coldgamedeersquad@gmail.com #ESU20'

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Walked outside and the cold sharkeisha’d me
Out here with Canela the Savage
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Breaks my heart that this is happening on our planet and that it’s LEGAL. Smfh
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First piece of the merch line is out now! Part of the proceeds will go to a charity that I hold near and dear to my heart. RT for a chance to win a free piece ❤️
My mood all 2019
I heard @Postmates is granting wishes this week on twitter 🤨 if they’re #betterthansanta I’m gonna need the to bless my lil bro with a Nintendo switch! 🙏🏼
Finally ran into Canela 😂
RT to help save Rhinos 🦏❤️
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