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Here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:
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Here is a video of the interaction for the world to see:


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Here comes the rain again. Light to moderate rain will spread eastward overnight. #arwx #tnwx #mswx
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Dem lawmaker calls on colleagues to "give Trump the money" for his border wall https://t.co/VEa8WBBHlO
Palace: Consistent with the position of the President for the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), we are pleased that the “yes vote” has prevailed in Cotabato City, based on the complete but unofficial tally of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). | @pia_gutierrez
Notre Dame to cover up murals of Columbus in the New World https://t.co/KKW9X13QWP
"Once, he grabbed my arm for wearing the wrong shirt.

He had rules that I and the other girls who lived with him or had a sexual relationship with him had to follow."

"Normally I have to endure people asking me questions so it's quite nice to be able to turn the tables for once," Prince William joked.
Former Irish Olympians on the benefits for rugby and GAA https://t.co/U1FR1ZeXsu via @IrishTimesSport
Journalism degree? Drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

The unusual ad is chockfull of clever wordplay, offering a those with “an appetite for adventure” to apply for a gig they can “relish” if they can “cut the mustard.” The official job title is “Hotdogger”
We were so sorry to hear that the Notting Hill bench in Perth wasn't actually from the movie!... but never fear, @pjhelliar has a new plaque for you! #TheProjectTV
Netflix in the running for top #oscars prize with 'Roma' #jakpost #oscarnoms https://t.co/n2Ff9MHEnT
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