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Latest Scoops

Elon Musk will buy another $20 million of Tesla stock with his own money, covering the cost of the fine the company has to pay for his tweets https://t.co/FsRAnvxoy7
Amazon alone didn't kill Sears. The 132-year-old retailer played a big role in its own demise. https://t.co/XJgDPXS4xG
Boston Dynamics has released new video showing the Atlas robot's latest moves, including the ability to shift laterally as well as vertically. https://t.co/guzdqynOQa
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Apple is hosting a mystery product event on October 30 https://t.co/y4x8wJyked
Dr. Priscilla Chan met Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg long before he was one of the most high-profile businessmen in the world. #BossFiles @PoppyHarlowCNN https://t.co/HF3oLntE2k
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Sen. Kamala Harris proposes new legislation that aims to provide tax breaks for low- and middle-class Americans https://t.co/dl1uKEqFGu
Saudi Arabia owns (at least) $166.8 billion in US debt https://t.co/gwCrlJIjue
"Late-night comedy has changed." Jimmy Kimmel discusses how politics influence his show and his own intentions for 2020. https://t.co/S2n91VagTH
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Canada's legalization of marijuana could hurt farmers in poorer countries https://t.co/Wu6tZ2F82s
A 2,000 foot-long floating pipe nicknamed Wilson is about to start its mission to collect all the plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean https://t.co/gr6YYcLFPv
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