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6 minutes
This is why you can't stop watching the lava https://t.co/TtkeSFJ1kg

Stream it here all day long: https://t.co/MHZqcNG0rJ

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13 minutes
Barbara Underwood officially becomes the first woman to serve as attorney general in New York https://t.co/3LwSvYtAuC
19 minutes
Here's what the US and North Korea mean when they talk about 'denuclearization' https://t.co/kKJcW2om6p
22 minutes
A 20-year-old woman has filed suit against singer R. Kelly, claiming he unlawfully gave her alcohol, assaulted her and gave her a sexually transmitted disease https://t.co/tKr7obueMc
27 minutes
@ForecasterEnten "We are building a coalition of voters... and the reality is, rural Georgia is as diverse as urban Georgia, suburban Georgia, " Stacey Abrams says of her campaign to become America's first black woman governorhttps://t.co/nYhvv3rCvu https://t.co/Rfe
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32 minutes
Stacey Abrams is the nation’s first black woman governor nominee. But winning Georgia in the fall will be more of a challenge | Analysis by @ForecasterEnten https://t.co/KQOV78oElH
35 minutes
"The Founders who authored our Constitution clearly knew how to provide legal immunity. They thus could easily have done so for Presidents. But they did not," Jack Quinn and Rob Weiner write via @CNNOpinion https://t.co/27b0gWt4MM
45 minutes
"We didn't like the vase too much." A family found a Qing dynasty vase worth $600,000 in an attic shoebox https://t.co/94jJ3kIkpl
55 minutes
A new report highlights a massive pay gap between CEOs and typical workers — some ratios as high as 4,987 to 1 https://t.co/4088YuTioL
A huge volcanic lava fountain is still flowing in Hawaii.

Here’s the latest: https://t.co/OM1BOBfQFj

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