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Latest Scoops

13 minutes
5 things we learned from Sen. Warren's DNA test https://t.co/eEmoVIZzeK | Analysis by Chris Cillizza
43 minutes
The artist who painted "The Republican Club," now hanging in the White House, says President Trump is "a challenge to paint" but "he liked what I had done" https://t.co/NnimrSeEYL
58 minutes
Jeff Bezos says his companies will continue to do business with the US Department of Defense, despite internal and external criticism https://t.co/Am1MMhMjuG
Here's where Saudi Arabia has invested around the world https://t.co/CP0yXI2hL5
A proposal that would change how protests can be held around some of the capital's most iconic sites has attracted a sizable public response https://t.co/6sh7Le7N8o
US Secretary of Defense James Mattis says he's on Trump's "team" after President says he's "sort of a Democrat" https://t.co/A1RLbkpnKr
US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar rips the pharmaceutical industry in policy speech over soaring drug prices https://t.co/6v37fwvfKO
I am a Native American. I have some questions for Elizabeth Warren, writes Simon Moya-Smith for @CNNOpinion. https://t.co/f9Bynwrra4
Fracking commences in UK for first time since 2011, drawing protests https://t.co/5asLg5TBiU
Jimmy Kimmel misses talking about TV shows instead of Trump too https://t.co/SWFcztOUG9
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