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Surgeons are using VR for brain surgery
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Forget pot, Elon Musk is now raving about ramen https://t.co/lIx4s3B92K
Glorious Geminid meteor shower fireball caught on cop's dashcam https://t.co/ZdX2ZwThwF
Celebrities who died in 2018: Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee, other geek greats https://t.co/FLDLvr0nYO
David Harbour is all of these things and more https://t.co/iS3KjLoAIp
👉Everyone's favorite cop
👉Dadbod personified
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Haptic Feedback gloves will let you "touch" virtual objects.
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You wouldn't be caught dead wearing this, but it could be future of fashion.
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The best tabletop and board game gifts for analog gamers https://t.co/kZtjKhwsUH
Mercedes made an autonomous electric van 🚐
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Like smartphone photography? Try shooting with raw photo formats thanks to Adobe, Google and Apple https://t.co/vohjuvigNg
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