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Dow closes higher by more than 30 points after plunging 507 points earlier in the day
Dow turns positive, erasing 500+ point loss earlier https://t.co/h35a63eZ30
BREAKING: Apple files appeal to overturn iPhone sales ban in China

Apple turns positive for the day, lifting market off lows https://t.co/mCuw4t59gx
Apple shares turn sharply higher, despite earlier China court injunction https://t.co/mCuw4t59gx
BREAKING: Dow falls more than 420 points, below 24,000 for first time June 28 https://t.co/h35a63eZ30
British Pound dives to new session low, off more nearly 1.4% vs. the U.S. dollar, after May delays Brexit vote and says government is stepping up preparations for exiting without a deahttps://t.co/twLxcxeXpgl
Stocks hit session low as PM Theresa May delays vote on her Brexit deal
BREAKING: U.K. Prime Minister May says government will step up preparations for a 'no deal Brexit' amid delay in vote on her deal to exit the E.Uhttps://t.co/twLxcxeXpg.
BREAKING: U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May says the government will delay tomorrow’s vote on her Brexit deal
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