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The world keeps getting older, but Africa stays the same age. It sounds confusing, but it makes sense when you break it down:
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Happening now: "We now find that Adam Schiff met was Glenn simpson last year. Why did he fight telling us who paid for the dossier. He shd hold himself to same standard. He shd recuse himself from russia probe" - @GOPLeader @SundayFutures @FoxNews @kevinomccarthy
A good article on how revealingly hostile — to the facts and the law — #Kavanaugh’s opinion was.
S.E. — we’re giddy because mainstream media have constantly smeared Trump and our whole movement as racist and retrograde.

Instead of real journalistic fact-finding, liberal media mavens instinctively believed Jussie’s patently ridiculous story...AND blamed Trump too.
Honestly I don't see any possible way Jussie Smollett doesn't win the 2020 Dem nomination now.
Wilbur Ross had an undocumented household employee that didn’t derail his confirmation and its par for the course at Trump Org
#ICYMI : Just DAYS after taking aim at Israel,#IlhanOmar used a foreign affairs hearing to ATTACK@POTUS '#Venezuela envoy. Instead of asking him about the atrocities taking place in Venezuela, she chose to go after#ElliottAbrams himself. PATHETIC!
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The amazing thing about Trump is that just when you think there's nothing he could do to make the Liberals pull their hair out more vehemently, he does.
Five things you need to know to start your day
You know guys, it seems to me eerily quiet on the subject of oh a national emergency declared by supremacist autocrats. This is how democracy dies, when we treat it like it’s irrelevant we ourselves devalue it
All you need to know about what's moving markets today
No more FEAR! No more EXCUSES! If you've been wanting to start your own #business -now is the time! Here's the help you need: #becomeyourownboss #bosslife #entrepreneur #startup
Major robot makers are ushering in the next industrial revolution
Need help understanding the new tax law? The Journal's guide has you covered, from alimony to withholding.
Who is Elizabeth Warren? Everything you need to know about the Massachusetts senator
Who is Elizabeth Warren? Everything you need to know about the Massachusetts senator
10 things you need to know this morning in Australia (via @BIAUS) #ausbiz
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