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6 minutes
Ferrero, Hostess, B&G bid on Kellogg's Keebler and Famous Amos cookie business https://t.co/ASYu4ucQ8o
8 minutes
Tesla has $920 million in debt that's coming due — and it could wipe out a large chunk of the company's cash https://t.co/4FP3rKqIjw
10 minutes
Why your boss is worried about your student loans https://t.co/9lVkq2TVQ5
25 minutes
"It's just that much more bad PR for this guy," NYT reporter Ed Lee said of ex-CBS CEO Les Moonves. Moonves is fighting CBS for his $120 million severance — and CBS is footing the legal fees. https://t.co/sM8mqNQJF1
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29 minutes
“If this drags on into February, March, then growth rates are going to fall to a place where unemployment will start to rise,” warns economist Mark Zandi. https://t.co/ttYLrhvk9C
40 minutes
Federal workers who aren't being paid during the shutdown owe $438 million for housing for this month alone. via @CNBCMakeIt https://t.co/ucIRoM7NEI
42 minutes
Early Tesla investor defends Elon Musk as Tesla shares fall 10%: Musk created 'the iPhone of the electric-car market' https://t.co/M6RrdP8vRX
49 minutes
Airlines waive change fees as winter storm Harper approaches, delays expected https://t.co/hPSrocf2AA
51 minutes
China has offered a 6-year boost in imports during its ongoing talks with the U.S., according to officials familiar with the matter. https://t.co/Ay8lTuloMg
55 minutes
Trump's waning popularity among foreigners may be costing the US billions in exports https://t.co/2NO4Q8efSA
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