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The Official Twitter handle for CES 2017 – Where Innovation does Business. January 5 - 8, 2017. #CES2017 Produced by @CTATech

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.@StaciedeArmas, VP of strategic initiatives & consumer engagement of , sp@Nielsenoke at on #CES2019the importance of the Latinx community with shaping early tech adoption in the US viahttps://t.co/KE1fz0YKDA @campaignlive
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CES is the next center of globalization, not Davos. “Globalization is a phenomenon driven by tech & the movement of ideas, people, & goods." We are moving toward an economy dependent on the vast interconnected data networks that move these innovations https://t.co/v6Orxs2mtn
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From foldable phones to high tech burgers, more than 4,500 companies unveiled their consumer tech innovations at #CES2019. Here’s some of the tech that’s set to make a ‘quantum leap’ this year https://t.co/UgUyap4aXk via @CNBC
Relive highlights, keynotes and conference sessions from the #CES2019 show floor with our video archive https://t.co/WWyl6nidCE
More than 1,100 industry visionaries came to #CES2019 where next-generation innovations were introduced to the marketplace. Save the date for CES 2020 here https://t.co/YpYxJINMCh
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What You May Have Missed on the #CES2019 Stage https://t.co/FZvWiF36tr
These were some of the products that wow'd us on the #CES2019 show floor. Excited for 2020? Save the date here for when registration opens https://t.co/YpYxJIwbdH
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From keynotes to conference sessions, watch over 70 insightful sessions from #CES2019 with technology leaders discussing the future of the industry. https://t.co/42JUvIFtc3
#CES2019 Proves AI and 5G Will Transform the Future https://t.co/oRqoe93o6K
What You May Have Missed on the #CES2019 Stage https://t.co/M5Vlmhp6xA
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