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Woman finds uncle's SOS in satellite image of Michael's wrath, calls for help https://t.co/7JEg384YJU
"He changed the world": Reaction to Paul Allen's death pours in across the world https://t.co/j45l3F5JOh
Missouri Senate race goes down to the wire as battle over health care heats up https://t.co/n87NzcprEc
How your ZIP code can hike your car insurance premium https://t.co/9eHiYnhKmX
A former Baylor University frat president accused of raping a female student could avoid jail time and registering as a sex offender under plea deal https://t.co/KsbnFmSJ3D
A diabetic 6-year-old needed a service dog, but his family thought it would take years to raise the money. Then, he started selling his home-grown pumpkins and the timeline got MUCH shorter https://t.co/7HdPF7sEKL
HAPPENING NOW: Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey speaks at Wired25 Summit in San Francisco. https://t.co/TpytcJyH3l
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Pitmaster sisters smoking out the competition in Kansas City's barbecue scene https://t.co/Tp3rfELSDh
Rich San Francisco businesses could face a tax---to help thousands of homeless and mentally ill residents in the city https://t.co/WWL8Ay0yy6
Saudi government preparing to say prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed during interrogation gone wrong. https://t.co/JrFbjR7ofJ
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