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Changing minds: Glenn Close's personal battle to destigmatize mental illness https://t.co/Yi6JVggubw
ESP: Inside the government's secret program of psychic spies https://t.co/rjkvReGKQ4
“We don't know precisely what Cambridge was doing. What we do know is this wasn't a typical type of hack...Cambridge used and perhaps misused the information that's available about you to almost any advertiser within Facebook and other social networks,https://t.co/STnbDJGcwY
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“The data points that Cambridge gathered are very similar to what you fill out on a social network like Facebook -- the others are far more interesting,” Dan Patterson, Senior Writer for TechRepublic, explainhttps://t.co/STnbDJGcwYs
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South Korea's foreign minister says Kim Jong Un has "given his word" on denuclearization https://t.co/tXnsJdawOh
“Essentially there was nothing preventing and protecting users of Facebook from having their data used in ways they didn't agree to. So I think if anything this just highlights that there isn't enough regulatory infrastructure,” Grygiel sayhttps://t.co/STnbDJGcwYs
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@Elaine_Quijano .: Is this illegal?
Jennifer Grygiel, professor: “I would say that if what Facebook is saying happened, that [Cambridge Analytica] had harvested this illegally, then yes, it could be. And it depends on what country it took place inhttps://t.co/STnbDJGcwY.
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A whistleblower is sounding the alarm on a data analytics firm that harvested information of thousands of Americans without their permission. @Elaine_Quijano speaks with Jennifer Grygiel
Social Media Expert and Assistant Professor of Communications
at Syracuse University:
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Sen. Bob Corker says he thinks Trump will pull out of Iran deal in May https://t.co/2mKc4kq0xq
Stunning aerial views show azalea blossoms creating a dreamlike sea of pink and purple China's Baili Azalea Reserve. 🌺🌸
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