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24 hours left btstwt btsbighit play citifield and the army campers are ready
24 HOURS LEFT: @BTS_twt @bts_bighit play @CitiField, and the #ARMY campers are ready:
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The Wall Street Jour
the us and pakistan have had a rocky relationship but now president trump is leaning on prime minister imran k
The U.S. and Pakistan have had a rocky relationship, but now President Trump is leaning on Prime Minister Imran Khan to help facilitate peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan
ABC News
@ABC 58 minutes
pres trump claims he could win afghan war in a week i just don t want to kill 10 million people i have plans o
Pres. Trump claims he could win Afghan war "in a week. I just don't want to kill 10 million people."

"I have plans on Afghanistan, that, if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth...I don't want to go that route."
Kyle Cheney
trump just now pakistan never lies trump last year pakistan has given us nothing but lies and deceit
Trump just now: "Pakistan never lies."

Trump last year: Pakistan "has given us nothing but lies and deceit."
Peter Baker
trump on puerto rico congress has given them 92 billion actually congress has allocated 425 billion of which l
Trump on Puerto Rico: “Congress has given them $92 billion.”

Actually, Congress has allocated $42.5 billion, of which less than $14 billion has actually been received.

somehow this is not yet illegal
Somehow this is not yet illegal
a rohingya man asked trump what is the plan to help us trump and where is that exactly
A Rohingya man asked Trump ‘what is the plan to help us?’
Trump: ‘And where is that exactly?’
The Spectator Index
doctors who are female 2015 spain 516 sweden 47 uk 458 germany 452 france 443 ireland 432 italy 403 turkey 40
Doctors who are female, 2015.

Spain: 51.6%
Sweden: 47%
UK: 45.8%
Germany: 45.2%
France: 44.3%
Ireland: 43.2%
Italy: 40.3%
Turkey: 40%
Switzerland: 39.7%
Australia: 39.4%
US: 34.1%
South Korea: 22.3%
Japan: 20.3%

@ANI 1 hour
us president donald trump says pm narendra modi has also asked him to help with disputed kashmir region he wou
US President Donald Trump says PM Narendra Modi has also asked him to help with "disputed Kashmir" region, he would "love to be a mediator": Reuters
Omar Abdullah
is govt of india going to call a liar or has there been an undeclared shift in indias position on third party
Is Govt of India going to call @realDonaldTrump a liar or has there been an undeclared shift in India’s position on third party involvement in #Kashmir?
@ANI 20 minutes
white house releases press release about trump imran khan meeting president trump s remarks on kashmir not men
White House releases press release about Trump-Imran Khan meeting. President Trump's remarks on Kashmir not mentioned in release.

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