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The CBC's Parliamentary Bureau on Twitter (photo: Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

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'Canadians deserve answers': Opposition to press on with parliamentary probe after Gerald Butts resignation #hw #cdnpoli
Pro-pipeline protest convoy approaches Ottawa after rolling across country #hw #cdnpoli
Canadian airlines waiting for clarity before changing policies on ticket gender options #hw #cdnpoli
Gerald Butts resigns as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's principal secretary #hw #cdnpoli
Breaking: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accepted the resignation of his principal secretary, Gerry Butts, according to a statement from the PMO - story soon at #cdnpoli
Federal interpreters suffering 'acoustic shock,' other concussion-like symptoms #hw #cdnpoli
What to expect from Doug Ford's government as legislature resumes #hw #cdnpoli

The Most Relevant

The new U.S. ambassador to Canada says when it comes to climate change she believes in "both sides of the science"
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U.S. President Donald Trump showed up late to this morning's working breakfast on empowering women. Justin Trudeau had completed his opening remarks, and the co-chair of the meeting was in the middle of her remarks when Trump arrived. #hw #cdnpoli
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“We are less as a country without Gord Downie in it," said a visibly emotional today
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. on Austria's new (and young) leader: "I disagree with him even more than I think I disagree with President Trump."
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The Governor General is pictured signing the oath books. Justin Trudeau is now officially Prime Minister of Canada.
Dutch PM Mark Rutte spoke to Parliament today and thanked Canada for its role in liberating the Netherlands during WWII - and he thanked one veteran, Don White, in particular. Read and watch more:
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Here are some of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland's remarks on comments from U.S. officials attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and her thoughts on the steel and aluminum tariffs.
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BREAKING: Jagmeet Singh has been voted the new leader of the federal NDP ^rw
Breaking: Former astronaut Julie Payette to be Canada's next governor general #cdnpoli #gg
BREAKING: Ontario MP Leona Alleslev is crossing the floor from the Liberals to join the Conservative party caucus. Read more:
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