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on next we check in with a surrey woman currently living in haiti the island has been engulfed in anti governm
On next: We check in with a Surrey woman currently living in Haiti. The Island has been engulfed in anti-government protests for two weeks that have resulted in multiple deaths, as well as drinking water and food shortages.
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AFP news agency
breaking netanyahu says to cut short us visit after tel aviv rockets
#BREAKING Netanyahu says to cut short US visit after Tel Aviv rockets
@ANI_news 2 hours
air chief marshal bs dhanoa when the comes in the deterrence of our air defence will increase manifoldand they
Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa: When the #Rafale comes in, the deterrence of our air defence will increase manifold,and they (Pak) will not come anywhere near the LoC or the border,with the kind of of capability that we will posses, for which presently they(Pak) don't have an answer
AFP news agency
breaking netanyahu vows to retaliate with force after rocket attack
#BREAKING Netanyahu vows to retaliate 'with force' after rocket attack
@ANI_news 2 hours
congress leader from tamil nadu s sivaganga sudarshan nachiappan the cadres from the constituency are disappoi
Congress leader from Tamil Nadu's Sivaganga, Sudarshan Nachiappan: The
cadres from the constituency are disappointed. His (MP candidate Karti Chidambaram) family has done nothing for the constituency, instead they have accumulated wealth. This could damage Congress's reputation.
Takashi Mochizuki
my latest on new nintendo switch coming as early as this summer there would be two models and people who ve se
My latest on new Nintendo Switch coming as early as this summer. There would be two models, and people who've seen them said designs of new devices are "different from the original and you'd be surprised."
CNN International
robert mueller just handed donald trump a huge gift analysis by cillizzacnn
Robert Mueller just handed Donald Trump a huge gift | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN
@CNN 18 minutes
a math and physics teacher from rural kenya who gives away 80 of his monthly income to help the poor has won a
A math and physics teacher from rural Kenya, who gives away 80% of his monthly income to help the poor, has won a $1 million prize
ABC News
@ABC 1 hour
read attorney general william barrs full letter to congress regarding special counsel robert mueller s report
READ: Attorney General William Barr’s full letter to Congress regarding special counsel Robert Mueller's report.
The Int'l Spectator
share of population that is obese 2015 cook islands 83 qatar 42 uae 37 saudi arabia 34 us 33 turkey 29 egypt 2
Share of population that is obese, 2015.

Cook Islands: 83%
Qatar: 42%
UAE: 37%
Saudi Arabia: 34%
US: 33%
Turkey: 29%
Egypt: 28%
Australia: 28%
UK: 28%
Canada: 28%
Mexico: 28%
France: 23%
Italy: 21%
Sweden: 20%
Germany: 20%
Brazil: 20%
Japan: 3%

(World Health Organisation)
@CNN 3 hours
here are a few takeaways from the mueller report summary
Here are a few takeaways from the Mueller report summary
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