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Latest Scoops

This week at Bungie, we continue our journey.

💠 https://t.co/taJddiMxMT
This week at Bungie, the fourth forge was unlocked.

We'll also be sharing more information on Niobe Labs today at 6pm PT. Stay tuned, puzzlers.

Today, we're announcing plans for Bungie to assume full publishing rights for the Destiny franchise.

Read the full story at https://t.co/nxcJOVXAv6.

The Bergusia Forge will open at 2pm PT.

The Niobe Labs puzzle is still available to solve for rewards, but we've heard your feedback and we will be decoupling the puzzle's completion from unlocking the forge.

💠 https://t.co/zqaKQBxXT5
Niobe Labs is waiting to be discovered with a puzzle that needs solving.

Once completed by a fireteam, Bergusia, the final forge, will be unlocked for all.

Watch the best and brightest attempt the puzzle: https://t.co/mJFJ8U0M0U
Yes. When forging a powerful frame, it has a chance to drop along with it.
Reclaim. Reignite. Reforge.

Hunt the Vex on Nessus to reveal the location of the Izanami Forge.
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Congratulations to our Scourge of the Past World First raid winners!

💠 Gigz
💠 RioT
💠 gamesager
💠 Vendetta
💠 Icecide
💠 Lunar
Effective immediately, we’ve made some changes to the Power requirements for the Lost Forges of the Black Armory.

💠 https://t.co/ehHcIr93DQ
This week we fixed an issue where Protheon, Modular Mind, the boss of the Inverted Spire strike, grew three times his normal size.

You asked for video evidence so here's your "bigboi" in action.
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