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Voice Over & Screen actress, YouTuber. For business inquiries only: brizzyvoices@gmail.com

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YEEEEEEEES @shiralazar 😂 the dream
oh, you trained your dog in German? coolcoolcool

i trained my dog in Harry Potter spells.
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EYYYYY!!! Did you see me reacting to Bongo Cat on #YouTubersReact ?? Zelda clearly makes me excited. https://t.co/xPYq9OBJy8
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Children belong in families, not orphanages. 💜 Donate to to help keep families together. We had a magical evening at the Lumos Gala last night hosted by . Jo, thank you for bringing so much light to the world. 🦋✨ https://t.co/ZOESc7Q3s3
Win a trip to NYC for a special performance of THE CURSED CHILD by donating to help children stay OUT of institutions and WITH loving families!! CHECK IT: ✨

(Side Note: https://t.co/tLg8JBjM3aI'll be at the play that day also!! So maybe we get to hug too!!)
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PLEASE take a minute to watch me record this Wizard of Oz/Kill Bill mashup. SO FUN!! (also ft the flawless )
Thank you @leighlahav & !!💙

There’s no place like homicide.
💜 MISSING PERSON: streamer , last seen 6/14/17 in Downtown Los Angeles (sans elf ears). SIGNAL BOOST, RT, OR REPOST. 💜
WHY MUST YOU SHOW ME SUCH DISTURBING THINGS, @thefinebros?!?!?! https://t.co/hgidgJnJ4g
I'm in today's fairly inappropriate episode of YouTubers React!!! https://t.co/h4yD1NRqwY Thanks @thefinebros? I think??
Someone from our community is missing. 19y/o whom I've met several times & is always the sweetest. Please spread the word.
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