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Full coverage of Britain’s exit from the EU, by @business teams in London, Brussels and around the continent.

Latest Scoops

Brexit-backer Liam Fox offers an argument for keeping customs union https://t.co/OJk39PDVL4
Brexit could be worse: we could be negotiating with Jacob Rees-Mogg, EU says https://t.co/FPMeuEz9Uc
Theresa May faces another Brexit crisis, with a cabinet revolt looming on the tricky issue of trade https://t.co/7mZkrfS5Nz
EU’s Barnier warns U.K. it must produce its post-Brexit "vision" https://t.co/Uwy7ErVI6V
China has participated in deals worth $70 billion in the U.K. alone over the past decade https://t.co/PbeVbTb2VL
Rolls-Royce plans a Brexit workaround to continue seamless production of jet engines https://t.co/sQMWyumgu0
Germany wants to help U.K. banks after Brexit but needs concessions, source says https://t.co/nQtUMSjbZk
Lords defeat Theresa May for third time on Brexit https://t.co/er9EDa0L74
Boris Johnson declines to say if he'd resign over customs union https://t.co/xn5PuHyFaV
Pound pundits are puzzled by Mark Carney's surprise hint on interest rates https://t.co/BTtd1S3Wtc
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