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Full coverage of Britain’s exit from the EU, by @business teams in London, Brussels and around the continent.

Latest Scoops

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Brexit campaign violations spur renewed demands for another vote https://t.co/R34cqGaUsD
The Labour party's attempt to keep all sides happy on Brexit ultimately saved Theresa May from a potentially catastrophic defeat this week https://t.co/2O5oHc4vuD
Theresa May is defending her Brexit plan as workable in practice, not theory https://t.co/YzxhRNTjQX
Both sides in the great Brexit debate finally found something they can agree on: hatred of Theresa May’s EU divorce-settlement plan https://t.co/4PixbMLJpr via @BV
Theresa May pays the price of trust to survive in the Tory Brexit war https://t.co/5YxMuvd9oN
Britain’s next conservative leader may be the least Tory ever https://t.co/2f2fULdOTz
Britain sees convincing France as key to getting a Brexit deal https://t.co/ISNI185SqD
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