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Full coverage of Britain’s exit from the EU, by @business teams in London, Brussels and around the continent.

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If all goes well between Britain and the EU, here's what it might mean for the markets https://t.co/qV6FTj8RDM
Theresa May retaliates after bruising EU summit and sends pound plunging https://t.co/dtrzPtpyzh
The Brexit summit at Salzburg didn't go well, but at least the Brits promised a new Irish border proposal https://t.co/6EaZigvNol via @BV
Read the full text of Theresa May's Brexit statement https://t.co/1NEUWlZnGI
The tone of Theresa May's statement was deliberate and terse. She was clearly angry at how she feels she was treated in Salzburg and wanted to redraw some fairly firm red lines https://t.co/mT47noN2wD
The pound drops 1.2% against the dollar as Theresa May says that Britain and EU are at an "impasse" on Brexit negotiations https://t.co/4j1BJAl2ik
Theresa May complains that the EU hasn't made a counter-proposal after having ruled out Britain's position https://t.co/B512yCID0H
"We are at an impasse," Theresa May says about Brexit negotiations with the EU https://t.co/tHbETVIBya
The pound is making new lows here as Theresa May has started to speak https://t.co/Wl9tyvKFOs
Theresa May says Britain and the EU are a long way apart on two big issues https://t.co/mvB9l8JFlL
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