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Full coverage of Britain’s exit from the EU, by @business teams in London, Brussels and around the continent.

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Theresa May is defying demands to quit as she battles to keep control of her government over Brexit https://t.co/npGncF1zjb
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They're weary of the political drama in Britain and say their governments are increasingly becoming disengaged from Brexit https://t.co/W28aqJKTWn
While the Brexit turmoil transfixes Europe, a different challenge to the east will have some of the EU's attention later https://t.co/IdRVKzXzi2
Theresa May's Brexit deal - and Britain's government as a whole - are on the brink of collapse.

Several ministers have quit over her strategy and others may follow: https://t.co/rj6LSrQffa
Theresa May vows to carry on as Brexit's hardliners try to topple her https://t.co/npGncFjaHL
Tensions over Brexit are high. Here's who is still in Theresa May's Cabinet... and who's departed https://t.co/5LhGfbmxcH
A rundown of some of the main points in the draft Brexit deal https://t.co/J9TnbyFi1u
If Theresa May is toppled, these are the rivals jostling to replace her https://t.co/oMvLriBExN
Pound "remains relatively untradeable at the moment" because of Brexit volatility https://t.co/GAZt7kXE5j
British business leaders’ relief that a Brexit deal was in sight may be short-lived https://t.co/TCQEk4KraI
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