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1) Income inequality; 2) Politics; 3) History; 4) Soccer. Author of Global inequality: A new approach for the age of globalization

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How many days until Amazon begins to claim that the story they are paying no taxes is a fake news spread by Putin's bots:
Very clear explanation.
How Amazon’s Accounting Makes Rich People’s Income Invisible
"Even more controversial, Macron reformed the labor law, to favor negotiation at the level of companies instead of branches of industry".
A decision that Jaruzelski made after he disbanded Solidarity.
Just saying...
The value of citizenship.
How much more does a domestic poor count than the foreign?
I did this calculation several ys ago. e.g. UK spends 7.6% of its GDP on means-tested benefits; it has less than 2% of people below the PL of $PPP3.2.
On the other hand, UK spends 0.34% of GDP on devt assistance (for ~2.5b people in the world below the same PL).
Hence a domestic poor is worth almost 100,000 foreign poor. The same calculation for other countries => domestic poor is worth between 30,000 and 100,000 foreign poor.
An excellent review of my "Inégalités mondiales" par Bernard Marx
My latest post is a review of a book on China's future (democracy or not)
« Il faut réduire les inégalités de dotation » #Économie via @LePoint
That was before singing and playing the lyre.
"Putin injures finger during judo sparring but plays hockey with Belarus leader anyway"

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Definitions "Expat": person from a rich country working in a poor country. "Migrant": person from a poor country working in a rich country.
Probably less than 1% of people in the world own shares, but 2/3 of Nobel Prize winners in econ are about stock market behavior.
It is simply inconsistent to be against taxation of inheritance and to be in favor of equality of opportunity. You have to decide if you want one or the other.
"Poland's leader says if 'no' side wins, Greece must leave eurozone".
This from PM of a country which in 1991 got 60% of its debt forgiven.
Neoliberals and the center-right have now for a decade agreed that s'thing has to be done to reduce inequality of wealth & income. But whenever there is *any* proposal, they are against it. I conclude they are in favor of inequality reduction by magic.
The world we live in:
Prez of the World Bank resigns to join an investment bank
Prez of the European Commission joins Goldman
Prez of the USA does hotel and tower deals
Prez of Russia hides money in Panama
In non-communist countries, the soccer club split was/is always working class vs. bourgeoisie (Roma/Lazio, Boca/River, Besiktas/Galatasay, Atletico/Real); under communism the split was Army/police (Partizan/Red Star, CSKA/Dinamo, Steaua/Dinamo) etc
It is interesting to watch West European teams whose backbone is composed of first or second generation migrants winning while the anti-migrant feeling in these same countries is at its peak.
Lee Kwan Yew on what made Singapore successful.
I do not think that one should read books that are directly addressing current events. They are mostly written in haste w/the objective to make money. Nobody will remember them. There cannot be a serious analysis of something that is ongoing. For that one is better off w/Twitter.
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