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remember the name wr zay jones turned some heads this week at the senior bowl capped off by 6 catches for 68 y
Remember the name.

WR Zay Jones turned some heads this week at the Senior Bowl, capped off by 6 catches for 68 yards and a TD today.

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with securing his first mvp awardhe becomes the second player to win the nba mvp award joining kareem abdul ja
With @Giannis_An34 securing his first MVP award...he becomes the second @Bucks player to win the NBA MVP award, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who won it three times.

He also ties Steve Nash for the lowest-drafted MVP in the lottery era (15th overall pick).
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nba champion toronto mvp nigeria greece mip cameroon roy slovenia dpoy france a global game
NBA Champion: Toronto

MVP: Nigeria/Greece

MIP: Cameroon

ROY: Slovenia

DPOY: France

A global game 🌍
when you re a little kid you don t see the future if you have a good parent your parent sees the future for yo
"When you're a little kid, you don't see the future. If you have a good parent, your parent sees the future for you. ... You're my true hero."

—@Giannis_An34 thanking his mom during his MVP speech
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incredible moment incredible player mvp
Incredible moment.

Incredible player.

nodaysoff FRED ROSSE
this sunday im teaming up with the gay officers action league of new york and im bringing the movement to the
💥 THIS SUNDAY I’m teaming up with The Gay Officers Action League of New York 🚔 @GOALny and I’m bringing the #BLOCKTHEHATE MOVEMENT to the largest 🌎 pride parade, EVER #NY #WorldPride     #poweredbypride @NYCPride @PrideFestivalNY @cher 💥
Milwaukee Bucks
this is just the beginning my goal is to win a championship i m going to do whatever it takes to make that hap
"This is just the beginning. My goal is to win a championship. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make that happen."
New York Yankees
following tonight s game the yankees optioned rhp jonathan holder to swbrailriders
Following tonight's game, the Yankees optioned RHP Jonathan Holder to @swbrailriders.
Cleveland Indians
if you stayed up with us you deserve this if you did not good morning wwwwindians rallytogether
If you stayed up with us, you deserve this.

If you did not, good morning.

#WWWWindians | #RallyTogether
the late great craig sager interviewing a very excited 18 year old giannisan34 at the nba draft
The late great Craig Sager interviewing a very excited 18-year-old @Giannis_An34 at the NBA Draft.

David Roth
materially improving things for people is unfair to people who already have it pretty good is the perfect shit
Materially Improving Things For People Is Unfair To People Who Already Have It Pretty Good is the perfect shitty 2019 argument. It sits perfectly in that middle ground of Liberal Who Cannot Argue For Universal Things and Conservative Who Doesn't Want To Say They Like Bad Things.
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