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Who has the best musical taste in our family? Hint: It’s not me…
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Even as someone who enjoys reading textbooks (for fun…), I’m excited about the online tools replacing them:
Since 2002, the @GlobalFund and its partners have saved 27 million lives. This shows what’s possible when we act on the idea that all of us have a stake in the health and well-being of the poorest:
While the world gets older, one continent is staying (nearly) the same age. Which continent’s median age has stayed basically flat? Check your answer here:
.@melindagates explains how mobile phones can help connect marginalized people to their communities, their bank accounts, and more:
If you believe every student should have a chance to learn how to code, nominate your favorite teacher for a @codeorg scholarship:
The world keeps getting older, but Africa stays the same age. It sounds confusing, but it makes sense when you break it down:
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Electricity accounts for just 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. We need breakthroughs in five key areas to prevent the worst climate-change scenarios:
I wish more people fully understood what it will take to stop climate change. I break down the five grand challenges we face (using squishy toys):
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The Most Relevant

Congratulations to the Indian government on the first 100 days of @AyushmanNHA. It’s great to see how many people have been reached by the program so far. @PMOIndia
This is one of my favorite infographics. A lot of people underestimate just how much life has improved over the last two centuries:
I hate mosquitoes. The diseases they spread kill more than half a million people every year. In fact, mosquitoes kill more people in one day than sharks kill in 100 years: #WorldMosquitoDay
#RedNoseDay is a week away! Tweet or RT using #RedNose4Kids and our foundation will donate $10 to end child poverty.
For those of us lucky enough to get to work with Steve, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.
Earlier this month, the world lost one of the greatest vaccine creators of our time. Dr. Adel Mahmoud saved the lives of countless children.
There are few things I love talking about more than toilets.
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Indian Prime Minister put a spotlight on a subject that most of us would rather not even think about:
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