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Bernie Sanders
i m running for president i am asking you to join me today as part of an unprecedented and historic grassroots
I'm running for president. I am asking you to join me today as part of an unprecedented and historic grassroots campaign that will begin with at least 1 million people from across the country. Say you're in:
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Donald J. Trump
thank you jessebwatters and dbongino
Thank you @JesseBWatters and @DBongino!
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Jeanine Pirro
there should have never been a mueller report as far as im concerned this monstrous report is just another abu
“There should have never been a Mueller report, as far as I’m concerned. This monstrous report is just another abuse of power by the Mueller special counsel operation designed to defame and politically hamper the pres. as opposed to shed light on anything substantial.”- @TomFitton
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Narendra Modi
heading westwards today will join rallies in patan gujarat chittorgarh and barmer rajasthan gujarat and rajast
Heading westwards today. Will join rallies in Patan (Gujarat), Chittorgarh and Barmer (Rajasthan).

Gujarat and Rajasthan have seen the pioneering work of BJP.

In Rajasthan, there is a sense of betrayal and despondency after Congress came to power. People will reject Congress.
Narendra Modi
greetings on easter the sacred thoughts of lord jesus christ inspire millions he emphasised on making our soci
Greetings on Easter! The sacred thoughts of Lord Jesus Christ inspire millions. He emphasised on making our society free from evils and being compassionate towards the poor and downtrodden. May this special day enhance the spirit of peace and togetherness.
Narendra Modi
in west bengal bihar and uttar pradesh people want a government that works for development and protects our na
In West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, people want a Government that works for development and protects our national security. Their choice is BJP. Here are highlights from yesterday’s rallies.
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JV Bainimarama
happy easter and god bless fiji
Happy Easter, and God bless Fiji!
Judicial Watch ?
the federal government subsidizes billionaire george soross radical leftwing agenda dedicating hundreds of mil
The federal government subsidizes billionaire George Soros’s radical leftwing agenda, dedicating hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to his deeply-politicized Open Society Foundations worldwide, according to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch.
Judicial Watch ?
jw obtained records through our foia lawsuits with the air force detailing 13458781 plus 50000 for an advance
JW obtained records through our FOIA lawsuits with the Air Force detailing $134,587.81 plus $50,000 for an advance of funds for an “escort officer” for a total of $184.587.81 for Nancy Pelosi’s 2015 congressional delegation (CODEL) to Italy & to Ukraine.
The New Yorker
a tale as old as time
A tale as old as time.
Gavin Newsom
ca isn t just leading the resistance we re the positive alternative proving it s possible to build a thriving
CA isn't just leading the resistance, we're the positive alternative. Proving it's possible to build a thriving economy, eliminate debts, advance a clean energy future -- all while embracing our diverse communities & standing up for our progressive values.
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