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Benedict Evans
its important to know how to say i dont know i dont have a view thats not my field or you would know better th
It’s important to know how to say ‘I don’t know’, ‘I don’t have a view’, ‘that’s not my field’, or ‘you would know better than me’.
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navbtc good good good buy 1click masternodes via
NAVBTC Good Good Good Buy Ⓜ 1Click Masternodes via →
David Gelles
new pilots facing a malfunctioning mcas system on a 737 max would have had less than a minute to intervene bef
NEW: Pilots facing a malfunctioning MCAS system on a 737 Max would have had less than a minute to intervene before the plane was unrecoverable. Terrifying new details w @jacknicas and @jamesglanz
Oprah Winfrey
were apple girls now a billion phones here we come appleevent
We’re Apple girls now! A billion phones, here we come... #AppleEvent
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Biz Stone
@biz 43 minutes
photos me teaching how to do the twitter flap that taught us in and a massive selfie by in the japan office mu
Photos: me teaching @TwitterJP how to do the 'Twitter Flap' that @GOT7Official taught us in @TwitterKR. And, a massive selfie by in@leslie_berland the Japan office. Much love here in Japan. #TweepTour
nbcnews s halliejackson chides president trump for being vindictive in his victory
.@NBCNews's @HallieJackson chides President Trump for being 'vindictive' in his victory
Elon Musk
ford has 4 ceos in 5 years amp nobody blinks but tesla loses 1 intern amp its front page news i tell ya shakes
@Jrs97t Ford has @andrewmackenzie 4 CEOs in 5 years & nobody blinks, but Tesla loses 1 intern & it’s front page news. I tell ya (shakes fist at sky) …
Oprah Winfrey
theres never been a moment quite like this one we have this unique opportunity to rise to our best selves in h
There’s never been a moment quite like this one. We have this unique opportunity to rise to our best selves in how we use our technology. Apple TV+ launches this fall. See you there.
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@tictoc 2 hours
germany s billionaire reimann family that owns krispy kreme is donating 11000000 over its nazi past
Germany's billionaire Reimann family that owns Krispy Kreme is donating $11,000,000 over its Nazi past
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Barbara Corcoran
procrastination is the quiet enemy of success mondaymotivation
Procrastination is the quiet enemy of success. #MondayMotivation
america s fentanyl problem china can turn off the tap if it wants
America's Fentanyl Problem: China Can Turn Off The Tap... If It Wants
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