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SCIENCE! I love this stuff.

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Oh, BTW: This was the *third* flight for this booster.
@SpaceX Second stage in orbit and coasting, so this is all good so far! Sat deployment isn’t for a while yet, so I’m going to grab dinner. :)
I guess it wasn’t important: The booster just landed on the drone ship!
Something weird with the 1st stage booster, sparks flying off after the burn. Not sure what that was.
@SpaceX Glad to see two young women hosting the live SpaceX webcast. I wonder how many girls will go into engineering after seeing something like this?
T-5 minutes for the launch of a @SpaceX Falcon 9 with the Israeli lunar lander on board (plus several other satellites).
If I ever wanted to calculate the radius of the car's tire remotely, I think I have an idea.
Well, that’s one way to make a moon of Neptune: Start with a bigger one and then whack it HARD with a comet.
@vincentvan @aussiastronomere @astromarkmarleyy @jjfplanetlen I feel a scifi story premise coming on. What if we find out all our dating techniques are wrong, and there are no planets anywhere older than 4.4 billion years... except ours.

Creeeeeepy. But OK I'll stop now. :)

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As a scientist, a science communicator, and a human being on Earth, let me be very clear: There is no such thing as an alternative fact.
Roses are red,
But that's not quite true,
They absorb every wavelength of the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum,
*Except* for that hue.
No human on the planet has lived through a hotter July. Ever.
Need a total perspective shakeup?

That’s the far side of the Moon and the Earth seen *in a single shot* by a Chinese lunar satellite.

I can’t leave Twitter tonight without reposting this. Credit: me.

Enjoy the lunar eclipse tonight, Flat Earthers!
A lovely family portrait, created by @bhgross144.
1/n This is quite seriously one of the most jaw-dropping observations I’ve ever written about:

Astronomers have detected material *just* over the edge of a black hole’s Point Of No Return.
To everyone telling me to stop posting politics and stick with science:

NO. I can’t, and I won’t.
Today is the 309th day of 2017. There have been 377 mass shootings in the US this year.

So far.
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