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AI is getting terrifyingly good at fake writing, including fake news
The Green New Deal marks the end of a decades-long era of liberalism in retreat
Pregnant and with two of her children dead, Shamima Begum wants to come home.

Lots of Britons don’t want her back.
Stock buybacks are among the least of the many reasons why there is so much wealth disparity
Amazon would have received $1.525 billion of direct incentives from New York based on the creation of 25,000 jobs — that's $61,000 each.

The initial deal with Foxconn had Wisconsin dishing out as much as $1 million per job
Bolsonaro can barely keep up with his cabinet
"Business leaders think AI could soon reduce the human workforce by as much as 99 percent in certain sectors"
We’ll regret it if we leave our AI future to the tech companies themselves
With Amazon pulling out of New York, some residents felt that they dodged a bullet.

800 miles west, Wisconsinites are still looking down the barrel of a bazooka

The Most Relevant

Seattle's $15 minimum wage was supposed to crush hiring. Look at what happened instead
The pervasive danger facing American Indian and Alaska Native women has reached crisis levels:

- More than half have been sexually assaulted
- More than a third have been raped
- Homicide is the third-leading cause of death for those aged 15-24
Thanks to Trump's tax cut, companies in the S&P 500 are set to save a total of $2 trillion in taxes over 10 years.

Meanwhile, evidence is mounting that the promised economic boost isn’t materializing for everyone else
Capitalism isn’t working right.

The U.S. economy is growing, but workers are seeing less and less of the benefits
Food stamp access during childhood is linked to an 18% increase in high school completion rates
Trump's corporate tax cut is now estimated to cost $600 billion more than originally projected 👀
"The Trump Foundation raised more than $2.8 million that it used for the 2016 election," writes @TimOBrien.

Trump was not solely at fault for the wrongdoing. The foundation’s directors — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric all breached their fiduciary duties.
60% of young adults say they're open to other job opportunities, and 55% say they don't feel engaged at work.

When educated millennials talk about being fed up with their careers, policy makers ought to listen
Thousands of American Indian and Alaska Native women and girls have simply gone missing. It is a crisis that has been too long ignored
Capitalism isn’t working right.

The U.S. economy is growing, but workers are seeing less and less of the benefits
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