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Brandin Cooks' Revenge Tour 🤔

He owns two 1,000-yard seasons with the Saints, knocked them out the postseason

Spent a season with the Patriots where he added another 1,000-yard season

Can he take out the Patriots next?
Saints fans during the game vs. after 💀 (via @damediddyrusell)
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Chiefs have fired defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, per @AdamSchefter
The return GOAT Devin Hester runs one back in SBXLI

(via @nflthrowback) https://t.co/SVWzS7vUxA
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What does HOFer Willie Roaf miss most about the NFL? "The mental part of it. It tests you, and I love that."

NOLA season ticket holders are suing the NFL, hoping to bring Saints-Rams back and replay end of NFC title game, per @TraversWDSU

This OBJ tattoo 🤯

(via @jeffwiliiams)
Kyler Murray: From competing for starting QB to winning the Heisman...to first overall pick?

NFL scouts' takes on the biggest risers in the draft class: https://t.co/YvO8LyjbA2
Eli Manning’s agent expects him to return to Giants in 2019: “He’d love to come back,” per @NYPost_Schwartz
Great to see Alex Smith at the Wizards game. First public appearance since surgery 🙌

(via @NBCSWizards)

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