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If a CAG report on #RafaleDeal pricing has been shared with Parliament PAC it would be quite simple to prove so. This is not a matter of opinion but of fact. PAC chairman Kharge says they have never been shown such a report. Twist In the tale of #rafaleVerdict
Confusion in #rafaleVerdict after PAC says it hasn't seen any CAG report but Supreme Court makes reference to a redacted CAG report that was shared with PAC. Since this is not subjective and can be easily ascertained what CAG report is court referring to!?
Like many I believe @SachinPilot deserved to be Chief Minister given how many years of hard work he put in the state and campaign. But the Congress clearly balancing the scales in complicated decisions in both MP and Rajasthan as old guard proves it still has massive influence
. @SachinPilot was never a Khan Market politician. He commited his last few years to Rajasthan, worked very hard & will be upset to not get the top job. But Deputy CM & PCC chief was probably only compromise in a state where rebels close to & 2019 @ashokgehlot51just ahead
@rssurjewala @SalmanSoz Curious. Do you see Sinha Shourie and Prashant Bhushan as proxies for BJP as your old tweet says about the petition. Or was it a difference of opinion on approaching court
Yes! Cc @rssurjewala
But is Congress calling shourie yashwant and prashant bhushan BJP sponsored
they have declined to get into it
Chaliye Madam ji. Aap ye enjoy karen instead :-) Dont fulminate too much https://t.co/vLW95JNX4K
Narendra Modi Fumbles, leaving the question of his re-election open. Here's why. My take in @washingtonpost https://t.co/vLW95JNX4K
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