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Cabinet minister @andrealeadsom said the EU is pretending the UK doesn't know what it wants from a Brexit deal when that is not true.
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Asked about claims that half a dozen Cabinet ministers could resign if there is a no deal Brexit, Commons Leader @andrealeadsom says "resignations from government do happen" as people have "heartfelt views"
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Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve says there could be "up to half a dozen" resignations from the Cabinet in the coming weeks if Theresa May did not delay Brexit if there was no deal - and that could bring down the government. #r4Today
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British citizens who joined the terror group Isis will be “questioned, investigated and potentially prosecuted” if they return to the UK, says Security Minister @BWallaceMP #r4today
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Today: Bethnal Green schoolgirl who joined ISIS wants to return to the UK. Security Minister @BWallaceMP (0810). We ask International Trade Sec @LiamFoxMP which trade deals will be ready after Brexit (0830). Air pollution in the UK. London Mayo@SadiqKhanr (0750#r4today)
A prophetic Greek deity, German steed, Jewish matriarch, patron saint of married women, and a candle keeper walk into a coffee shop. Which young animal is missing? Click for a hint 👇 #puzzlefortoday #r4today @Bobby_Seagull
Good morning. @bbcnickrobinson and @justinonweb are presenting #r4today
Ford has said a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for the firm's manufacturing operations in the UK and that it would do "whatever is necessary" to protect its business
Chimpanzee gestures closely copies the way humans communicate, according to new research #r4today 🐒 👌
"It's not in anyone's interest" to extend Article 50 "without clarity", Brexit Secretary @SteveBarclayMP tell#r4todays

The Most Relevant

'Do I need a British accent?' is interviewed by Prince Harry for his guest edit of . In this warm-up, the prince jokingly warns the ex-president he'll get "the face" if he pauses too long between answers #r4today
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Roald Dahl originally wanted Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be black #r4today
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Deputy Calais Mayor says they are preparing for a no-deal Brexit and "we will be ready". No more trucks will be stopped crossing the Channel than at present, he says. The UK Government's efforts to move trade away from Calais to other ports are "shocking" and "disrespectful".
This morning: World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. Here he is reading an extract from his 1966 thesis for in October last year. When put that thesis online, demand was so high it crashed the website #r4today
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"Brexit is like giving up a three-course meal... for the promise of a packet of crisps in the future."

Sir Martin Donnelly from the department for international trade says the arithmetic of Brexit just "doesn't add up" #r4today
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'Boxers or briefs?'

Download the full interview with @BarackObama here:

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"Overall there was serenity there. More than I would have expected."

on his feelings after was inaugurated as US President #r4today
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Legendary frontman of , Roger Daltrey, says touring bands will cope after Brexit, and any problem is “nothing that can’t be solved” but Brussels is a "gravy train soaking us dry" #r4today
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A disruptive no deal Brexit is "the biggest threat businesses have faced since 1939, many are threatened with extinction" says Ian Wright, CEO of the Food and Drink Federation. "I don't think people are taking this seriously"
Seventeen-year-old Anna Taylor, who has organised a nationwide school strike this Friday to protest climate change, told #r4today her school said "they're going to give me a detention and an unauthorised absence... but I'm going to go anyway"
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