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john walker lindh outrage as american taliban freed
John Walker Lindh: Outrage as 'American Taliban' freed

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Joy Reid
wow republicans just forced a vote to try and strike s plainly true statement that trump telling black and bro
Wow. Republicans just forced a vote to try and strike @NancyPelosi's plainly true statement that Trump telling black and brown congresswomen to "go back where they came from" was racist. Republicans could well vote tonight to wrap their party around Trump's racist attack.
Chris Hayes
the gaslighting is always so exhausting we all know what the president did and who he is everyone on all sides
The gaslighting is always so exhausting. We all know what the President did and who he is. Everyone. On all sides. We all get it. Just a question of whether you find it acceptable or not.
Washington Post Opin
i have served in the air force and in congress writes in an op ed people still tell me to go back to china
I have served in the Air Force and in Congress, @RepTedLieu writes in an op-ed. People still tell me to "go back" to China.
The Hill
just in al green to file articles of impeachment against trump tonight
JUST IN: Al Green to file articles of impeachment against Trump tonight
Lou Dobbs
@LouDobbs 31 minutes
new documents revisit questions about rep ilhan omar s marriage history maga americafirst dobbs
New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar's marriage history #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
Daniel Dale
@ddale8 29 minutes
he propagated conspiracy nonsense about caravans he took credit for obama energy permits he used a wildly inac
He propagated conspiracy nonsense about caravans. He took credit for Obama energy permits. He used a wildly inaccurate stat about migrants while saying he was making sure to be accurate. And more.

My fact check of Trump’s 13 false claims at Cabinet today:
@CNN 24 minutes
the final house vote was 240 187 here are the four gop house members who voted in favor alongside rep justin a
The final House vote was 240-187. Here are the four GOP House members who voted in favor, alongside Rep. Justin Amash, who left the Republican Party earlier this month.

• Rep. Will Hurd
• Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
• Rep. Fred Upton
• Rep. Susan Brooks

Jennifer Rubin
because its a racist party unredeemable unworthy of rescue
Because it’s a racist party. Unredeemable. Unworthy of rescue.
@hardball 46 minutes
steve scalise house republicans never disrespected president obama a house republican to obama you lie
Steve Scalise: House Republicans never disrespected President Obama.

A House Republican to Obama: “You lie!”

Chris Hayes
what the
What the....

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