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Latest Scoops

If you think there's something fishy about the salmon you're eating, that could be because it's not salmon.

New rules introduced in China mean rainbow trout can now be labelled and sold domestically as salmon https://t.co/MQTHmMebRq
Move over, Melbourne.

Vienna is now the world's 'most liveable city' https://t.co/mO3koMGdr3
Former Trump adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman has released what she says is a tape of a phone call from the US president after her dismissal last year https://t.co/dmVMndmwvA
'Grannies' on a mission to the US-Mexico border https://t.co/jc7L4TV6yl
A "wee" problem for some Parisiens 😳

Dinner at the Goodlatte home could be awkward for a while https://t.co/M0IDjcjLis
These rules are *not* made to be broken https://t.co/Z7txB3YDnn
The Golden State Killer terrorised California in the 1970s and 1980s https://t.co/UucPmy2NhL
Count Louis de Causans says it's a matter of family honour to rectify the "trickery"

Yemen war: Mass funeral held for children killed in bus attack

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